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Thread: January 22-28th

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    Default January 22-28th

    Shelly & Craig from Nebraska will be enjoying our first trip to Jamaica and to the much needed warm weather from January 22nd - 28th.

    Anybody else out there going to be there the same time?!?

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    You'll love it. 50 short days and, God willing, Dave and Donna from Syracuse, NY will be there.

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    Kevin and Ebony from VA will be there from Jan 19th-26th

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    3 couples from ND will be there January 16th-23rd...

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    EEEKKKK Can't believe that it's less than 2 weeks away!! Are you packed yet?? I think I am going to start this week! We are so excited!

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    4 couples from ILL will be there Jan 21-26th with lots of reasons for celebration. Two of us are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversaries (Mike & Tootie- Oct 16th(we are celebrating a little early) and Dave & Wendy on Jan 23rd also the boys are celebrating their birthdays, the big 50- Jan 13th was Dave's & Jan 26th will be Mike's. So lets get the party started!!!!

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    Jared and Alyssa here, we'll be there on our honeymoon 1/26 - 2/4
    ~01.24.07 the first day of the rest of our lives ~ 04.22.07 "i love you" ~ 04.29.09 move into our first place ~ 06.07.11 will you marry me? ~ 01.22.12 mr & mrs. <3 ~ 01.26.12-02.04.12 COUPLES NEGRIL!~

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    We honeymooned at CTI in Jan. 2010. We will be at CN 1-28-2-3. Congratulations

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