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    Default Christmas Presents!?!

    Hi, we will be at CN (for our fourth time!!) Christmas week. Iknow that tipping is not allowed but I would love to be able to give Christmas Cards with a little something in them to some of the staff that we have come to know and love. Randy would this be ok? Thanks

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    Hallpa we will be at CN for christmas this year as well. We bought gifts for some of the staff that we have known for years. In the past we have given items to staff members and all we had to do was write a note saying we gave that person a gift and put our names and room numer on it, that way they don't get into any trouble. Now mind you we buy gifts no cash. By the way does anybody know if Elkie will be back in mid december? We have a baby gift for her. Diane.

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    Hopefully Randy will give the official answer to this post but imho I would say money in a Christmas Card is the same as a tip and not a gift - as mentioned by Diane.

    This 'tipping question' comes up often on the MB, presumably because tipping is such a way of life in the US - we in the UK tip for exceptional service but not where management specifically state that it is not acceptable, as is the case with Couples.

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    Staff may be fired for accepting tips. However, an exception to the rule is made for actual gifts (accompanied by a note as mentioned by Diane). We will be at CSA and will be bringing small gifts for staff.

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