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    Default A question about CSS.

    Hi, I am curious if anybody can give an accurate guess on what percentage of people spend their time on the main beach compared to the AN beach. Thanks for any guesstimates.

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    Hmmm... when we've been there, I'd say 90/10 regular to AN.... We haven't seen more than 8 or 9 couples total on the AN beach at any one time, but that's just our experience. I know there are times where there are a LOT more people there.
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    We have been to CSS many times and are SSB regulars. I would estimate that on any
    given day, there are about 15-20 % of the guests at SSB. Depends on the occupancy.
    If you are looking for number of people there daily, I would estimate around 20-45
    people on average.
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    When we have visited CSS, it seems like there have been more people on the main beach, but those who do spend their time at Sunset Beach (AN) typically spend the majority of their time there. There is also the pool-oriented people (main pool and mineral pool). I think the best part of CSS (and probably the other resorts as well) is that it is sized just right so that there is space for everyone. We have been in peak season (mid-February) as well as not-so peak season (Jan and April), and have never felt any area to be crowded. I never felt pressured to spend time in any particular area, AN or otherwise, based on # of people or any other factor. This doesn't exactly answer your question, but I hope it gives you some useful insight. You'll figure out where you want to spend your time once you get there!

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    I don't know what the percentages are but we have been to CSS twice and there are geneally not more than 10 -15 couples on the AN Beach. So I owuld guess 95% of the people are on the main beach.

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    Four trips to CSS (May 10, Nov. 10, May 11 & Nov. 11) and each time the crowd at SSB AN Beach varied. Average guesstimate would be 75% Main Beach vs. 25% AN.

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    We spend all our time on the main beach, hubby is not a fan of AN or the water there. The main beach is man made but it is close to the bar and food plus the water is much warmer (the AN beach is rockier and the water is colder since there is a river that comes out there, much more natural area, i think) either one is a winner since the AN has its own bar, pool, restrooms, jacuzzi and grill.

    in answer to your question(which I honestly can't answer) as a whole, we have gone in may and october and neither beach felt crowded or that were were more people than seats

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    Would guesstimate 10-15% at SSB. 5- 10% at mineral pool. 25% at main pool and 20-30% on main beach. Rest off doing something else. Its pretty spread out.

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    Well thanks for all the replies and insight. I had been reading a lot of reviews planning our upcoming trip and noticed a few people posting that it was like they had the resort to themselves. I was just wondering where most folks spent their time. I guess we'll just have to see where we like hanging out, looking forward to it, thanks again.

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    We are here at CSS now. Tuesday was the first nice sunny day in a few days
    so it was completely full at SSB, all chairs taken, maybe 75 of us it seemed. Wednesday I would say it dropped back a bit.

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    We go to CN during peak season, and it just never seems crowded even though they are at 100%. I believe it is they way the beach is laid out and the mix of couples who are there. As for those % I would have no idea since we do not do the AN, but I would guess the 80 - 20 split is about right.

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