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    Default Error on pre-registration

    Well, we're not arriving until October 2012 but I'm so excited about going to CSA for the first time that I couldn't wait to complete the pre-registration thingummy (made me feel one step closer to arrival). We were due to travel on 9th October but Virgin have changed the flights and we now don't travel until 10th. Will CSA automatically know or should I let them know? Tried to go in to amend the details but you can't

    I would hate to have them think we didn't turn up on the 9th and then not expect us on the 10th.

    Hey Ho ~ only 314 days left

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    Definitely let them know. You don't want to get charged for that night you won't be there, do you? Enjoy your trip.

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    Definitely let them know. I did the Pre-registration about a month in advance, and, as a Repeater, was given the choice of welcome gift. We originally picked the sparkling wine, but later decided we wanted the t-shirts, so I did a 2nd pre-registration online. Upon arrival, we received the wine and they had no evidence of the 2nd pre-registration. Obviously, the Guest Relations girl was totally cool and let us exchange the bottle for the t-shirts, so that was great, but it wouldn't have caused a complaint either way. My point is that whatever you put on your initial pre-registration is what they will most likely have on record, so any changes should be brought up to the staff directly. The people at the 800# are incredibly helpful, so I would start there. Good luck!

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    If you're talking about the preregistration here on the web site you are supposed to do it a week or two before you arrive. If you are repeaters there is no point doing any sooner as they will not remember to get you gifts ready.

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