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    Default Leaving tomorrow morning - weather update???

    We are leaving tomorrow morning to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday - how is the weather? Be honest.

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    It is October, he is the weather for your entire trip.

    Morning, nice and sunny.
    Lunch, still sunny and nice.
    1:30 Monsoon
    2:30 and on Sunny and nice again.

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    Don't know about the weather in Jamaica...but the weather stinks in Iowa today!

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    Ahhh the last thing to worry about until you reach the land of no worries......

    This is one thing you cannot control, so whatever the weather is, make the most of your trip! We had 3 solid days rain our last trip, but thankfully no thunder/lightening, we went into every pool and hot tub one day at CSS, the other two days we had a blast with the Watersports and Entertainment crew under the palapa's! A vacation can throw you curves but if it does, make the most of it!

    Happy Travels

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    This may sound wierd but.... we are from the south west desert and hopeing it rains some everyday when we are there. Can't wait to feel that liquid sunshine.

    Question, can you still play in the ocean if there is no lighting?

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    I'm probably to late for Alliecj but CSA has a weather station you can check on the internet:

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    14 hours till wake up, Be there by 2 CSA. Rain or shine.

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