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    Wishing everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We're thankful that we're down to 9 days till we arrive at CSA. It's been a long wait since we made the reservation over a year and a half ago.

    Making the call to my Travel Agent...Included in my phone bill,
    Buying sunscreen...$30,
    Reservation deposit...$400,
    Roundtrip limo to Kennedy Airport...$500,
    Celebrating my birthday at CSA...PRICELESS

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    72 Hours and counting until we board that plane on December 1st and head for our first trip to CSA. I must say it seams like forever since we booked this trip on January and started counting down. Hope to see you there.

    Safe travels.


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    We booked this trip back in April, 2010 and had planned to go last December. One of the couples we're travelling with couldn't make it so we put it off a year. It's really been a long hard battle counting down to our return home. You're going to love walking through the beautiful grounds from your room to the beach or to one of the restaurants. People complain about how spread out things are but we feel it adds to the charm by not having everything in one place.
    My wife is looking forward to spending a few nights around the piano with Ulti. We'll be getting in around lunch time on Saturday and if you see us please say hello.
    Safe travels to you too,
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    We're right there with you Steve. In 72 hours we'll be in the sky on the way to CSA!! Hoping to be on the beach around noon!

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    7 days of waiting for my Bob Marley! This is worse than waiting for Christmas morning!!!

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    5 Days till we arrive on Dec 9! Only 3 work days to boot! CSA is on the horizon!

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    Will be arriving on the 9th also, will be at MBJ at 11:04 then off to TimAir for our quick flight to Negril! Can't wait ! Meet ya on the beach!

    Quote Originally Posted by StonyplainClint View Post
    5 Days till we arrive on Dec 9! Only 3 work days to boot! CSA is on the horizon!

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