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    Default CTI Rooms- Deluxe Ocean Suite

    Hello everyone!

    We will be coming to CTI for our honeymoon in 16 days!! We have NEVER been to Jamaica and we are counting down the minutes until our arrival! We booked a deluxe oceanview room. We have scoured trip advisor, google and the couples website for a detailed explanation of our room- all to no avail! Here are the things we want to know:
    -Type of tub in our room- whirlpool, bath or bath/shower combo?
    -Sitting area?
    -We know we will have our own balcony, but we want to know how private the balcony is (can you see the guests in the room next to you if you are standing on the balcony)?
    -Mini-bar. Totally aware this is a new amenity offered, what's in it?
    -How crowded is the resort over the holiday season? We will be there for a wonderful NINE DAYS! All the way through Christmas

    Any information will be much appreciated! We are expecting a beautiful honeymoon, and from all of the reviews it seems we won't be let down! We are craving as much pre-trip information as possible. Thanks!

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    We spent our first visit in the Deluxe Ocean, and here's what you get:

    -A shower (no tub) big enough for two to fit comfortably
    -There isn't a separate sitting area, but you do get a chair. The balcony has a couple chairs of it's own.
    -The balconies are relatively private, from our room, the guests in the adjoining rooms would have needed to lean out over the balcony to see us. However, because of the lay of the resort, the folks in building 3 could see some of our balcony and vice-versa (not a lot, though) Here's the view from our room (3rd floor): Picasa Web Album
    -The mini bar in our room had: couple bottles (glass, so be careful opening!) of Pepsi, couple bottles of 7-Up, a single serve OJ, couple cans of Carib beer, and a bottle of wine. We pre-checked in online, and I requested a bottle of Appleton and a bottle of Vodka (which never got opened)
    -That I couldn't say, we were there the beginning of November....

    You will thoroughly enjoy yourselves! The only reason we spent the time in our room we did, was the wife napped quite a bit. The resort is wonderful and the staff is great! We were already talking about coming back two hours after we'd gotten to the resort, and have already booked for our 15th wedding anniversary in 2013!

    CTI first trip November 2011
    CTI return visit in 543 days!

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    We booked a deluxe ocean view room for our honeymoon. There was only a shower. There was 1 chair in the room, the balcony is private but small. You can have anything you want in the mini bar, just fill out the little card and they will put it in the mini bar for you the next day. Not sure about how crowded it will be. We had a wonderful time. Will remember it for the rest of our lives.
    Couples Tower Isle September 2011

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    Just one point - the Deluxe Ocean Rooms in Block 1 have a bath/ shower combo. If you want just a shower ask for Block 4. The balconies in Block 1 are private, they have a nice view of the ocean, the main pool and the jacuzzi - you cant see your neighbours and they cant see you!

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    Thanks everyone for the info! We really appreicate it. 11 more days till our arrival! Woohoo! If you're going to be there when we are, give us a shout!

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