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    Default Booked & Paid! Help for first timers....?

    Hello Couples Folk!

    The forum is awesome! Clearly a resort that brings out this much passion is the right choice for my wife and I on our 10th anniversary/vow renewal. We're going for 10 days between Jan 22 and Feb 1, can't wait! We've booked an atrim room, requesting second floor away from the restaurants if possible.

    Some questions..... I tried to look some of this stuff up, but it was either unclear or I was hoping for first person perspective.

    We are interested in 4 excursions, has anyone.....

    Been to Blue Hole? Looks amazing and is right up my alley, but I fear the pictures may exaggerate.

    Boat ride to Rick's cafe? Cool way to go or better to go by car?

    Pelican Bar looks like the type of place to spend the better part of a day. Worth the trip?

    We were considering a day trip to Hedonism II or the nude beach at Couples Negril just for the sake of curiosity. Any thoughts or experiences with this?

    I can't access the diving info segment of the website (could be an iPad thing?) and would like to know if certification is included in the all inclusive package? We'd like to try scuba.

    How does the reservation system work at the restaurants? Seems like one of the big complaints on TA is that it's hard to get in.

    Can we bring our own mugs for drinks?

    Is tipping really not allowed or is it a polite suggestion?

    Lots of questions, but any, all or part answers would be appreciated.

    Thanks, J and R

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    Just got home about 3 hours ago from a week in paradise. I can help you with a couple of your questions. One, I don't think you need your own mug. I didn't see the need for them, but I would recommend a cozie for your beers though.

    Ricks cafe, I say just go on the catamaran cruise, we took a day trip there and it was expensive, the food was not good and I could have easily stayed at the resort and skipped that part. The cruise goes by and you see the divers so skip the day trip and relax on the beach.

    Tipping is not at all accepted! Don't put the staff in that position. We made sure to remember names of the fantastic staff and wrote it on our check out paper.

    Have fun and I totally recommend doing the orientation one day, we did it and met lots of people and got to know Theresa, one of the activities directors and she was always coming up to us and talking. Great way to see the resort and meet some people.


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    Never been to the blue hole

    the boat ride to Rick's is fun, you anchor so that you can see the cliff divers. If you are staying longer than 4 or 5 nights then Rick's is fun, otherwise enjoy the resort. You can take a taxi for the sunset celebration, you can negotiate on the taxi price and the taxi will wait on you.

    if you want to go to hedo, do the tuesday night pass (PJ party in the disco). the nude beach there is not that nice. Can be a very fun day at H-II depending upon which group is there. Could be a little wilder than your imagination depending upon which group is there. You would have to taxi from CSA but you can walk from CN

    You could always do the "trading places" program with CN to sit on the a/n beach. The a/n beach is not very big at CN and if you want to get into the ocean you are in there w/ the clothed guests.

    No need for mugs, not sure they are allowed to fill them.

    Never had any problems with dinner reservations

    No tipping, we always take small presents for housekeeping (choc bars, crayons, coloring books, cards)

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    We went to the Blue Hole on a private tour/excursion our travel partners set up... Personally I didn't think much of it. There is a 35 foot drop into the mineral hole, but you have to pay extra to jump in... I didn't do it, but friend's husband did it and really wasn't that big of a deal. Also - we had the party crashed by armed military - they were searching the area for "grown substances"... scared the daylights out of us - like we were on an episode of "Locked up Abroad"... FYI.

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