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    Default Starting the New Year @ Couples

    Im getting so excited !!! We booked our trip 9 months ago & I cant believe in less than a month we'll finally be in bathing suits in 90 degree weather.

    We have a direct flight from Detroit Michigan. Burrrr, It will be cold & snowing here.
    Any tips on what to wear when we leave Detroit Airport when its cold & arrive in Montego Bay when its 85?
    I want to avoid bringing a winter coat & boots.

    This will be my 1st visit.

    Also, is that true that the Island went non smoking?

    This thread has been so helpful. Ive read tips for things to bring that I havent thought about.

    Any more suggestions would be greatly appreacted.

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    We'll be ringing in Christmas and the New Year at Couples too! We're staying at CSA - a delayed honeymoon from our marriage in July.

    We leave in less than a week, and I'm already getting anxious for the trip.

    Hope you guys have fun!

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    We leave the 26th for CN, staying until Jan 4th....New years eve should be a blast!!! coming in from Indianapolis.

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    We always go to Jamaica in January from Iowa. I leave my winter coat, boots, scarf, ear grips and gloves in the car and just freeze in a sweatshirt, t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes from the car to the airport. Itís well worth it to freeze for 5 minutes each way to not have to carry all that along with you on the plane and in Jamaica.

    And, I'm sorry to say there is no place in Jamaica that is non-smoking! The resorts prohibit it in the indoor restaurants, but all rooms are smoking rooms. Although we have never noticed a problem with the room smelling, when someone smokes on their balcony, the smoke comes right into all the rooms around that balcony, so you have to close the sliding doors due to one jerk in the area! Luckily, you donít spend much time in the roomÖonly to sleep and change clothes.
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    The Island hasn't gone non-smoking, and if you're at CSA, you'll notice a smoking section at the Palms restaurant (the others are non-smoking). If you're concerned about the smell of cigs in your room, no fear - my SO is asthmatic and reacts badly to cigarette smoke (either current or day old) and we've never smelled old smoke in the room, and have never had a problem with people smoking around us.

    As far as what to do on the beginning part of your trip, maybe have your honey warm up the car and then jump in with a sweatshirt, jeans and sandals. Put a bathing suit and sundress in your carry on bag - I generally change into a sundress in the plane's toilet (a bit of a tight dressing room, but it works). The line for customs can sometimes take a while, so it's nice to have a comfy sundress....or you can always change in the Couples private bathroom in their waiting area in MBay. While there you can have a Red Stripe and relax and get ready to be PAMPERED like you may never have been pampered before!

    Enjoy your trip!!!

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    Hi Wally, I will also be in Jamaica in January staying at CSS!! Hope to see you!
    Diane Pollard, Altoona, Iowa
    Diane Pollard, President & CEO
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    Hi Diane,

    Nice to hear from you! We will be at CSS for a week starting on January 1st. On January 8th we transfer to CN for another week in Jamaica. When will you be at CSS?

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    We go in January from Wisconsin. I usually wear a tank top, yoga pants, and zip up sweatshirt and tennies. In the airplane I change into flipflops and take off the sweatshirt. When we get to the Couples lounge I change into shorts in the bathroom. Works well and I only notice the cold on the way back to the car when we are home.

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    Hi, we fly a direct flight from cold Saskatchewan. I usually layer up with some clothes I might wear during cool evenings, wear pants with zip off legs, and the shoes that I'll be wearing at the a'la cartes, sandals in the carry-on. When we arrive I'm wearing shorts, a golf shirt and sandals without having to change in the bathroom.

    As far as smoking I have not heard of one Caribbean Island to do this. As far as being a jerk smoking on the balcony, I guess that's me. I do it because I don't want to stink up the room for future guests, housekeeping, my travel partner, and I want to prevent smoke from getting into the hallway or seeping into connecting rooms. I have always hoped that my smoke would not drift into others areas, I'm sorry if it does. I know it is a bad habit, I really want to kick it and I'm going to one day.

    Happy travels and enjoy your long awaited vacation!

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    Default Hello Wally

    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    Hi Diane,

    Nice to hear from you! We will be at CSS for a week starting on January 1st. On January 8th we transfer to CN for another week in Jamaica. When will you be at CSS?

    Hi Wally. We are Sharon and Mark(from Canada eh). We will be at C.N. Jan.8 to 13. We have never met but maybe we will. We`re pretty relaxed. I wear a baseball cap with" Canada" on it. Say hello. We`ll buy you a drink.
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    Cool Runnings eh!

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    Thank you all for your feedback @ suggestions !! I will throw a pair of shorts in my carry on. My flip flops are already in my carryon.

    When I leave Detroit, Im gonna wear a tee layed with a sweather, jeans & sneakers.

    5 more days & were in Couples TI !!!

    Now the trip back to Detroit is another story...but I aint gonna think about it !!!

    thurston4sun ~ Ill be the one on the balcony !! LOL
    Here in Michigan, we went non-smoking a few years ago so I got use to the restrictions.
    I just wasnt sure how restricted it would be on the island.
    I just dont think I'd bea le to quit cold turkey.
    I will survive the plane trip. I got a electric cig. Its not the some but it'll work (I hope).

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