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    Wow. Is Brian still in the wine department at Holiday? I miss having him close by to help with wine pairings. We live close to Plum Market now, but it just doesn't compare to Holiday.

    There are now houses where Franklin used to be. What a small world.

    We're heading out to Traverse City to drop our son off and my husband and I are headed to CSA on Monday morning!

    Have a great holiday!

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    Hey sji1976: I was born and raised in GR (near Hall St and Grandville Ave.), and moved to Kazoo about 25 year ago for a job. My family all still live in the GR area. I'll be up in
    Grandville at my sister's on July 4.

    It's good to see West Michigan represented on this board.

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    We're from St Clair County...Port Huron to be exact...We'll be getting married at the end of April 2010!

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    We are just north of you rockie_pebble. Croswell here. 95 days till we get to CTI. It will be interesting to see how it has changed in the 14 years since we were on our honeymoon.

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    We're from Grosse Pointe and will be back at CN in December.

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    Default sagianw michigan

    Mariann & Allan from saginaw michigan 5 time repeaters to CTI going again nexy year plans already made.,,we cant wait to come home,

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    My fiance' and I are from Port Huron, MI.....St Clair County...We're getting married April 29th 2010 at CSA!!!

    Ashley & Mat

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    I love Michigan and just got back from a visit to Clare and Mt.Pleasant. I went to CMU and grew up in Midland. I live in Louisville, Kentucky now and I miss my home state so much. It's great to see all these Couples people from Michigan.

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    From Owosso here, going to CTI for our honeymoon next June, and already can't wait!!!!!

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    83 Days till we get to CTI

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    My husband and I are from Ann Arbor/St.Clair. We have visited CSA and stayed at CN. We were married at CN last June 2008. (I attempted to make that picture smaller and failed!)

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    Ahh, Ann Arbor. Our daughter spent four years there for her undergrad work. She is thrilled to be moving back for her internship at the A2 VA hospital (psychology). She will be spending at least a year in a city she and her husband both love.

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    We are from Okemos, mi. Going to csa in april.

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    we live in south lyon, I work in Ann Arbor and Brandon works in Walled Lake

    getting married at CN 7/15/10

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    Quin and phil from detroit arriving at cn april 8th, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi there all you from michigan. Not sure who started this thread or when but my hubby and I are from southern mich. around battle creek. We are going to cti in dec. for the first time to celebrate our 30th ann. I love all the info. I get off this mb it's great. It's great to see so many people from our state, maybe we will get to meet some when we go.

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    My fiance and I just moved from Rochester Hills, MI for a new career opportunity. We are planning on getting married at CSA 5.14.11. It will be our First Couples experience and I am counting down the days. He grew up in Auburn Hills, MI- I'm an Ohio native.
    DougKim- I worked in Warren. Have you guys been to the Kabob House? It was my favorite lunch spot. I'm craving there garlic bowl and shwarma sandwich!!!
    I was so excited to leave, but now I miss it! I will miss Lake St. Clair with the nice weather coming up. I miss the Coney's everywhere. Mostly I miss my friends. It is nice though that after this winter I didn't fear my car falling into a crater in the Michigan roads. Ha.
    Great thread!

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    going to csa in 17 days from Okemos, MI, We have lived here our whole lives.

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    Latisha and William from Detroit. We'll be at CSA in June and can't wait.

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    Originally from Kalamazoo and live in Grand Blanc, Michigan now. We will be at CTI in 12 days! This is our first time and looking forward to a much needed vacation!

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    Default Flint

    Nah just kidding...actually a little south of Flint in a quaint little town called Holly. Going to CSA for our honeymoon 5-10-10. Counting down the days...only 46 more to go!

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    Jenison Michigan here. Going for our 10th anniversary to CSS at the end of June. First vacation away from our 5 boys ever.

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    Default Westland

    We are from Westland, MI.... My wife and I will be down there for out 4th couples vacation May 16-23. We are bringing her younger sister and her boyfriend (21 and 22 yrs) this time to share the memories.

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    We live in Cheboygan, and are formerly from the Port Huron area. Returning to CTI for our 9th trip on April 3rd. Bill and Peg

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    Just south of Detroit.

    CN 06/07
    CSS 08/April 10

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