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    Default Is There Adequate Shade on Tower Isle's Beach?

    How's the shade on CTI's beach? We go to Sans Souci in April and are thinking of adding a week at CTI, but it doesn't look like there's much shade on the beach. Also, it looks like there aren't any Hobie Cats either...can it be so??

    What's the breakfast buffet like? Is there an omelet station? Gotta have an omelet for breakfast! lol

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    I'm a very fair skined red-head and shade is my saviour. We've never had a problem finding a lovely shady spot under one of the numerous trees on the beach. The breakfast is lovely and varied and they do have an omelette station. Enjoy!

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    Yes, omelets are available and they are amazing. On the beach, there are tall palms and this past summer when we were there, they had shade sails in palms. There are also palms near the swim up pool for shade and huge almond trees at the main pool for shade. Keep in mind that the resort is on the north shore, the sun goes behind you and the resort. If you venture to the island, there are pagodas for shade as well as some trees.

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    Agree with the replies - Plenty shade on the beach; fantastic omelettes with great fillings and yes there are Hobie Cats near the pier - GO ENJOY!!

    Mad about tennis

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    I am a blond hair blue eye pasty white gal. We spent 7 lovely days at CTI in AUGUST! Never had any problems at all finding shade on the beach or either of the pools no matter the time of day.

    ALL of the food at CTI is simply to die for! I do not like eggs at all but hubby said the omelets were awesome. My favorite dinner was at Bayside (Thai)

    They do have Hobie Cats, paddle boards, water skiing, knee boarding and kayaks. I will be honest with you and tell you the week we were there the water sports guys would think of any and every excuse NOT to carry the Hobie's off the hill. Finally one day a bunch of muscle bound guests just carried them onto the beach themselves and took them out. This was our only issue with CTI that entire week.

    Plus you have the Catamaran (booze Cruise) at CTI which you do not have at CSS.

    I say go for it! You are already paying for the airfare so you might as well take full advantage!! There is no better place then Couples in Jamaica

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