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    Default April- Easter 2012

    Anyone going around this Time? We are ther for 2 weeks and I can not wait to spoil my wife.


    looking forward to making new friends.

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    First of all, which resort are you going to? And second,what do you mean about "spoiling" your wife?
    We will be at CTI during that time. There, you could have a very romantic private evening meal on the beach. Or, for a bit more money, you could have that meal on the island. You would have your own chef and he would prepare the meal as you watch.
    There are any number of other "special" treats at each of the four resorts, and arrangements can be made after you arrive.
    First off though, we would need to know which resort.


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    Hi Richie
    sorry about that i should have mentioned CSA. we are the for two weeks at Easter.

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    Okay. Now I know which resort, but I have not been to CSA. But I would imagine that you could make arrangements for a special evening dinner on the beach. Of course, the meal on the island is out. But everyone at all the Couples resorts, has our best interest at heart. There is much love and kindness every where. I'm sure that you and the CSA staff will come up with some great ideas to "spoil your wife". Good luck. I know that you will have a great time.


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