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    Default Question about Swept Away Beachfront Suites

    Can any one tell me more about the beachfront suites (not veranda beach front). I know they are without tvs (cool). Are they quiet? 2 levels? A particular favorite room. Thank you very much.

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    We really love the BFS rooms. We've stayed on both floors (and have even stayed in the wrap around porch room). The 2nd floor has a vaulted ceiling, which makes it seem very large, and the first floor has the advantage of rolling right out onto the beach.

    We don't find a lack of privacy on the first floor - sure, some people may give a quick look as they walk by, but whatever....that's never been a real problem for us. We also don't find these rooms to be noisy. We just close the slats on the windows and turn on the AC and it's cool and quiet!!

    We've stayed in every category but the OVS and Greathouse, and can honestly say that the BFS is our very favorite!

    Have a great time at CSA!!

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    We stay at the BFS each time we go to CSA and actually just booked again for April. Perfect room for the Jamaican beach resort experience! The windows have no glass. They do have screens for the bugs and wooden louver slats that open and close for privacy or airflow. This allows you to hear the sounds of Jamaica at night, from the peeping tree frogs to the rolling waves lapping on the beach. Noise is rarely ever a problem and the lack of a TV in these rooms means there are no competing show on in the neighbors rooms. (Who goes to watch TV anyway?) Of course there is air conditioning in the room for those hot nights as well as a ceiling fan over the bed. The bathrooms are large with walk in showers. Each room has an iPod docking stereo and stocked mini fridge. Book this room and you will not be sorry.

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    Love this room...the best!!!!!!

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