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    Default Dunns River Falls

    Having read many reports on the falls, it appears that water shoes are a must. Having bought them, I am now not too sure. They seem to be more slippery than normal trainers. As I seem to have problems with bare feet on wet tiles in bathrooms, I am wondering what is the best option. Can anybody advise between water shoes or an old pair of trainers, that I know will get soaking wet, but would they give a better grip, when trying to climb the waterfall.

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    When I went most people wore water shoes, that's what I wore and they worked great. "Trainers" full of water would seem to be heavy, sloshy and terribly uncomfortable in my opinion. You'll get plenty of traction with the water worries mon!

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    I made the mistake of wearing Teva sandals and I was always picking little pebbles out of them. The trainers you talk about are what we call tennis shoes I'm assuming so they would probably work ok. I haven't tried water shoes so I don't know how they work but alot of people use them. Good luck

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    I have worn both. I wore trainers once and then bought water shoes that I wear only in Jamaica at the falls. The biggest drawback of wearing trainers is that they won't dry out quickly. If they are the only pair of shoes you have, you won't be wearing them for a few days unless you wear them damp which is not good for your feet. I travel in my athletic shoes for comfort and to save weight and space in checked bags and I would hate to be leaving and not have dry shoes to wear home. Water shoes are very light and take up little space.

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    While climbing the falls, your shoes will get full of sand and pebbles. The nice thing about water shoes is that you can slip them off to rinse out the sand a couple times along the way and quickly slip them back on. This would be harder to do with shoes that lace up.

    One lady in our group wore the rubber sandals with straps. These tore and she ended up climbing barefoot, which is rough.

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    Water shoes are perfect!

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    Keen sandals work well. They are a more closed shoe than Teva, so not as many problems with rocks, but still get the quasi security of a more athletic sole.

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    Water shoes work the best, trainers do not conform to the rocks and you will slip.
    Irie Mon

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    you're climbing over rocks in rushing water, you want the water socks

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