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    Default CSA Veterans to CSS Newbies

    My husband and I just finished our 5th trip to CSA. We love CSA but have just changed our 2012 reservations to CSS. We want a smaller resort next year. We have watched a lot of videos online and scoured the info on the couples website regarding CSS. We are interested in hearing from people who have done the Couples transition itself? What can you tell us about CSS that cannot be found on the official website?
    Thanks and Happy Holidays!
    Chuck and Rachel

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    ChuckandRachel - We have stayed at CSA twice, and CSS three times. We enjoyed CSA, but have fallen in love with CSS. We are going to CSS for New Year's in 2 days, and going back again the first week of April. Send us an e-mail to, and we will send you lots of info about CSS (far more than we could put on the message board), and some of our pictures. We will not be able to get back to you until we arrive back home on Jan 8th, but will write to you very soon after that.

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    Yep. We have always gone to CSA and last year took a 2nd trip to CSS.

    1. Smaller, beach, but private.

    2. One big thing I noticed was how the other guests were much friendier. At CSA I used to say hi to other guests I passed on the sidewalk and would get ignored, not at CSS and they say hi first alot too.

    3. Very pretty,spread out grounds.

    4. Really liked the Baloon bar, which is CSS's combo main showroom and piano bar. Trevor is CSS's Hot Chocolate.

    5. I though the food at dinner was overall better than at CSA.

    6. We had a 1 bedroom beachfront suite. Great view, nice room, but it is older and there are some glitches, like sliders that stick and womped out keyboard on the safe.

    7. We are going to both CSA and CSS again this Jan and Feb. So we like both for different reasons.

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    We had gone to CSA 3 times before trying CSS in 2009.

    I really liked the private beach at CSS - no vendors or jetskis buzzing by. The beach was plenty big enough for all of the guests. The actual sea bottom is a bit mucky compared to CSA, and there is seaweed. I actually LIKED this feature, since it meant that lots of fish would hang out by the seaweed and near the cliffs. We like to snorkel, so on the few days when the water visibility was good, I could snorkel to my hearts content right in the swimming area and near the cliffs. However, the water has to be very calm for the mucky bottom not to get stirred up, so, in reality, I was only able to snorkel from the beach on 2 days during our 10 day stay at CSS.

    I thought the food at CSS seemed slightly more gourmet than at CSA. Of course, there are more dining options at CSA.

    The winding trails and gardens were lovely at CSS. Bob really enjoyed using the jogging track that winds around the pond and tennis courts at CSS.

    We had a 1 BR beachfront suite at CSS. At CSS, a suite is truly a suite, with a separate sitting area and huge bathroom with jacuzzi. The "suites" at CSA aren't really suites unless you count the large balconies as a separate living area.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats having a massage on the cliffs in a hut hanging over the sea at CSS. One of the top 10 experiences of my life. Although the new spa at CSA is lovely, especially the buddha whirlpool.

    We did feel that having an AN beach at CSS kind of segregated the guests during the day.

    Having said all of that, we have gone back to CSA the past two years. There is something magical about the long stretch of white powder sand at CSA. We also enjoy the lap pool at the sports complex. And the beachfront suites truly are right on the beach at CSA. Nothing like falling asleep to the sound of the waves. I am sure that you will enjoy CSS, though.

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    Thank you Karen and Paul and Zaraforty! Karen - I will definitely email you this weekend. Enjoy your trip!

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    We stayed at CSS Dec 2- 5 then went back to CNN Dec 5-12 for the second time. Each resort is different, CSS there is a lot of climbing stairs due to the resort being built in a cliff, but noone of the resorts can touch i with its lay out and views, We stayed in G block at the top of the cliff the room had a seperate bedroom with large flat screen a huge bathroom with walk in shower, a seperate living room with a large flat screen, a huge balcony with a sleeper lounge chase that a family of four coul fit on, excellent staff pools everywhere, updated rooms with key card access, We did notice that the couples that were there were older, but after speaking with a lot of them its because they continue to come to this resort year after year, so i guess thats a good thing.

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