We spent 13 days at Couples Negril and had a wonderful trip. Staff were very pleasant and helpful. Weather was out of this world. We travelled the same timeframe last year to Couples Sans Souci and the weather was awful. Not this year

We took advantage of the Trading Places and spent a day at Couples Swept Away. We preferred Couples Negril - can't really say why, we just did. I am a Caeser drinker and never had any problem getting my caesers, made to perfection, anywhere at Couples Negril, yet when we spent the day at Couples Swept Away, not one bar had clamato juice and I was told by the bartenders you could only get it in your room (didn't do me much good given I didn't even have a room there). I found that really strange, and really not very helpful. I am not a big drinker but that is the only drink I ever drink, so may sound silly, but because of that we would never go to Couples Swept Away. I didn't find that to be very accommodating. I was offered a Bloody Mary - but that is not the same drink - not even close.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meals at Negril. The service and the atmosphere were outstanding at Otaheite - the food was delish and the service couldn't have been better. Same with at Lychee - yummy and the service was great. In fact, all restaurants were, in our opinion, wonderful.

A few people have commented how they have to keep asking for refills of coffee - I don't know how that can happen. At breakfast, the wait staff always made sure you were well taken care of.

Also loved the idea of the hand sanitizer at the buffet line and in the computer room. However, I didn't see a lot of people using it (I work in a hospital - and know the importance of clean hands. )Which brings me to a picky little thing - but.....the washroom doors are backwards Example: they should pull to get in to the main part of the washroom and push to get out - you wash your hands on the way out and it would be better to not have to touch the communal door handle on the way out. Yes, I am picky - again, comes from working in a hospital setting.

LOVED LOVED LOVED the $500 room credit we got as incentive for booking early. The aromatherapy body massages my husband and I had were heavenly. Wow. We just loved them.

I have to say I saw some very rude behaviour around the pool. It was 2 separate couples each week, but they would "reserve" their special spot around the pool under an umbrella before 7:00 a.m. (I knew that as that was the time I usually headed down to read my book and enjoy a coffee). That would be fine if they used that spot during the day, but to take the "prime" spot and be one hour at the most at these loungers all day? Totally rude. I didn't want this spot, as I am a sunbaby but I thought it was such rude behaviour and really can't understand WHY someone would even do this?

The RUDEST stunt I have ever seen in my life was one morning it was spitting off and on rain and this couple left their belongings on their loungers under their umbrella by the pool. They weren't gone any more than 20 minutes and in that time another couple boldy arrived - put the other couples' belongings at a lounger behind them IN THE RAIN and took their spot. I couldn't believe it. The original couple came back - I didn't catch every thing the "lady" said to them but just caught "yackity yack, yackity, yack, you weren't here". Wow. Awful.

We splurged on AirLink on the way to the resort - thoroughly enjoyed that and recommend it - the whole trip took 12 minutes!

We loved our room. Building 7 - Room 7303 - nice view. Yes, the night show was loud, but even though we are early to bed, we were never bothered because it is over early.

The beach is absolutely beautiful and so nice to go for a nice walk down every morning. We had a glorious time - service was beautiful, but if I had to choose..................................

We did prefer Couples Sans Souci (food was somewhat better and the desserts were a lot better there) - we will try Couples Sans Souci again in a few years.

Couples Resorts are a wonderful experience - one we will do again.