So we are getting ready to book our vacation for 2012. And here is the question, WHICH RESORT????

This past summer we did a split between CSS and CN, fell in love with CSS, but still love CN. Hubby is leaning towards CSS and I am feeling a loyalty to CN. I did suggest that we go to CN for summer vacation and then go to CSS for New Year's Eve, but because the rates aren't posted for 2013 yet and we are looking at buying a new house, so hubby won't commit.

I knew we should have just stayed true to one resort, now it is too hard to decide which one. So to all of the other repeaters, that have been to mutliple resorts, how do you decide? Do you stay with your first love and remain loyal? Or do you explore a new interest? Find out if it is as wonderful as the first, better or maybe it was just the flush of excitement of a new interest?