My boyfriend of 6.5 years made me a very happy lady on Christmas morning and asked me to marry him

we're planning on buying a house in 2012, so we will most likely have a 2013 wedding, but we have already decided that we want to get married abroad, since we want to have a fantastic wedding without spending the average 20k that couples spend on weddings in the UK!

I have decided that CSA is the place for us. Neither of us have been to Jamaica before, but I've read wonderful reviews about Couples and SA looks like a beautiful resort.

Any help/advice would be very much appreciated. Are there many couples on the mb from the UK who have gotten married at CSA?

what's everyone's opinion on room type? Am I right in thinking that the beach front veranda suites have the best views? or are other room types better?

We'll be booking via a travel agent, but only one (Virgin) seems to offer upgrades to the BFVS and I've read bad things about them, so I'm wondering whether it's worth the risk?

Does it make much difference which travel agent you use? do the wedding packages/experience vary much once you get there?

I will most likely be looking to hire a photographer, rather than using the resort photographer as the resort packages don't seem to offer many photos and that's the one thing I really do want to push the budget on. Can anyone recommend good photographers in the area? I've been reading the boards and have seen several names mentioned, but it's so hard to choose!

also, does anyone have an opinion on what time of year is best? I was thinking December/January time as I've heard they're fairly dry months in Jamaica and not the hottest either (obviously it's going to be hot regardless, but I'd rather not book the hottest month of the year.

I realise i'm planning well in advance, but i'm so excited and we've got a lot going on this year. Ideally, I'd like to get it all sorted and go for December 2012/January 2013, rather than waiting longer, but I've applied to go to Uni (i'm 27, but didn't figure out what i wanted to do when i was younger) to do a Midwifery degree and i need to wait until April when i find out whether I've got a place on the course before making concrete plans as I'll be restricted as to when I can go so as not to miss important lectures/placements.

any advice would be appreciated. good luck to all you 2012 brides!!