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    Default Best time to book - Planning for our 10th anniversary... shhh...

    Greetings all! Fltwinmom here, formerly a CTI repeat offender

    Haven't been back to the Grand Lady since her facelift (07 was our last trip - split between CN and CTI). We've missed our yearly trips "home" and have longed to return for many years now.

    2012 marks our 10th wedding anniversary. So much has happened in those ten years, some bad and others good. One thing is for sure - we thank Couples Resorts for providing the place where we reconnected with each other in the early years to build a solid marriage that has carried us through to this milestone.

    Long story short, I would love to surprise my husband of 10 years with a trip back to the place where our marriage grew it's tender roots. It's been a while since I've had to plan for a Couples trip so I'm asking for all your help and advice. When is the best time to book and travel? I remember some months were better than others in terms of pricing, and I also remember that Couples sometimes would put on special discount programs.

    When do you all book your trips, and what months do you travel?

    Thank you in advance for all of your advice. It's appreciated!

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    Welcome back!

    You should come join us in April. We've been having some fun with surprise trips and surprises ON just ask Richie...we;ve been simply Horrible children, Rob and I! We booked last April under the wire to get the spa credit and we really missed our Amigos! The weather is fab, the rates wilst have just decreased. If you wanted to book April now, I'd be watching the Wednesday deals. We just got back from a November trip. The sea was much choppier, weather just not as cooperative as mid April. Temps were never chilly however.

    As always, anything I can answer, just hit me up.

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