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    Default Romance Rewards - from forever ago.... :)

    Our last trip was in 07. I know I had a RR card back then, but have since lost it. Is there any way to recover the points?

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    I had a problem with my Romance Rewards points and I sent an e-mail to the resort and they were able to fix the problem. The person e-mailed me back was :
    Tadean A. Miller
    Group Customer Relations Coordinator
    Couples Resorts, Jamaica
    (T) 1.800.268.7537 ext. 1427

    I say give him a call or e-mail.
    P.S. - I believe Romance Rewards points for gifts is only good for 5 years from the last trip. Which means points may expire in 2012. However, as a repeater, no matter how long ago, you will still be invited to the repeater's dinner and have the ability to do Trading Places.

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    Who would I contact to find out if we are eligible for the Repeaters dinner? We were at CSA before it was a Couples resort-when it was Swept Away, the first 3 years it was open! Other priorities, such as saving for colege, paying off the mortgage forced us to visit resorts with smaller price tags. Now, as happy empty-nesters, we're coming back in April.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fltwinmom View Post
    Our last trip was in 07. I know I had a RR card back then, but have since lost it. Is there any way to recover the points?
    Your points expire in 4 years. Yours will be expired.

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    franfromthepoconos -

    Repeat after me... We Are Repeaters! We Are Repeaters!

    We, too, remember fondly our first visits to SweptAway... and I'm here to tell you, we NEVER post here using the three-letter acronym. To us, it is, was, and always will be SweptAway.

    I would suggest that you register for Couples Romance Rewards Program. Once you're a member (its free, by the way), you can use your membership for two things... use the pre-registration form, which does a lot of the front end paperwork that takes up time at check-in; and to participate in Couples "Trading Places" program, whereby you get the opportunity to visit the sister properties in Negril or OchoRios.

    When you fill in the pre-registration form (about a month before you depart for Jamaica), you can include a note that you are repeat guests from "back in the day".

    By the way, you are in for a treat if you've been out of touch since the pre-Couples days! When are you going?


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Tell them at check in if they do not already know, and you will be invited to the repeater's dinner. Met several guests at the last repeater's dinner who had been to CSA when it was SweptAway, and they received an invitation.

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