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    Name:  happynew year.jpg
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    Here are my entries for the photo contest for Jan/Feb.

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    Name:  DSC05881.jpg
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Size:  17.4 KBName:  DSC05903.jpg
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Size:  37.7 KBName:  DSC06000.jpg
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    Default CTI--Home Away from Home

    1st--Waterfall at night. Name:  Waterfall at Night.jpg
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Size:  24.0 KB 2nd--Looking from Island to Mainland. Name:  Island to the Mainland.jpg
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Size:  58.3 KB 3rd--Looking out to ocean from the Island. Name:  North Side of the Island.jpg
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    Name:  beach collage.jpg
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    Name:  Sunset.jpg
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    Sunset from Rick's Cafe
    Name:  Sunset2.jpg
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    Sunset at CN

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    Name:  DSC00970.jpg
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    Couples Negril exceeded our expectations of paradise.

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    Default Glorious evening in Jamaica

    Name:  sunset beach jan 2012.JPG
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    Default We loved our first trip to CTI. Hope to come home soon.

    Name:  2011-06-20_19-42-31_492.jpg
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    Name:  A12P8008.jpg
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    This is what I call a "ROOM WITH A VIEW"
    Name:  A12P8017.jpg
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    Name:  A12P8078.jpg
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    Name:  Jamaica 2010 398.jpg
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Size:  43.2 KBName:  Jamaica - Canon 193a.jpg
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    Default CSS - A Happy Ending

    Whilst at CSS in January we watched this Green Heron bait and catch fish on the pond. On this occasion he landed a big fish which he took about 1 metre from the lake. The Fish put up a struggle and was too large to be swallowed whole so the heron wandered back to water and eventually the fish escaped and swam off. Amazing to watch!

    Name:  2012-01-23 15.16.54 (2) (Copy).jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by ssbeachlover View Post
    Attachment 15247

    # 2 At the end of the rainbow is beautiful Couples Sans Souci.
    Awesome - a double rainbow actually, second one to the right above the trees....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeandT View Post
    Awesome - a double rainbow actually, second one to the right above the trees....
    Yes, aren't they beautiful??

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    Name:  2012-01-20 13.03.53 (Copy).jpg
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    Taken outside reception at CSS. The vibrant colours always bring a smile to my face when I look at them.
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    Beautiful reflections of paradise!

    Name:  P1040473.jpg
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    The perfect setting for a perfect evening at the perfect place!

    Name:  Couples 2008 386.jpg
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    Default Our Holiday return to CN

    Name:  Negril2011 067 (800x598).jpg
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    Our Holiday return to CN.
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    Default wonders in Jamiaca

    Name:  005_2A (4).jpg
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    Default Superbowl Couples Swept Away 2/5/12...Oh What a night!!!

    Name:  IMG_1703.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1772.jpg
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    Default CSA Seven mile beach.....HEAVEN 2/12

    Name:  IMG_1769.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0194.jpg
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Size:  37.8 KBName:  IMG_0238.jpg
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Size:  35.2 KBName:  IMG_0464.jpg
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    Default Couples Tower Isle Jan. 14-21 2012

    Coffee anyone?
    Name:  CTI_Jan_2012_Coffee.jpg
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    Birthdays are always special at Couples!
    Name:  CTI_Jan_2012_Birthday.jpg
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    If I blend in here maybe the goodbye bus won't find me!
    Name:  CTI Jan 2012 021.jpg
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    Default Heaven on Earth at Couples Swept Away!

    Name:  IMG-20120106-00461.jpg
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Size:  59.8 KBName:  JamaicaNYE2012 111.jpg
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Size:  30.2 KBName:  JamaicaNYE2012 209.jpg
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    #1. Relaxing & enjoying the beach scene at Couples Swept Away, from our hammock.
    #2. Romantic lunch time by the beach. Our friend caught us off guard, i love this picture.
    #3. Amazing sunset view in Jamaica at Rick's Cafe. She jumped the cliff, i didn' comment :]

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    The lush gardens at Couples Negril seen early morning.Name:  photo.jpg
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    Where feet meet sand, sea and sky at Couples Negril Name:  photo(1).jpg
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    Morning view from 4107 patio at Couples Negril a fantastic Name:  photo(2).jpg
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Size:  50.4 KB garden deluxe room with a sea view

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    Name:  pic1.jpg
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    My husband and I stayed at Couples Negril! It was so amazingly beautiful we would love to go back someday! These are a few pictures.
    The first picture is while on the Catamaran Cruise. The sun was about to go down when the clouds started rolling over. I just had to capture this great picture.
    The second picture is of the sunset the night before we left. Such a relaxing picture of the hammock and the ocean.
    The third picture I just thought was neat. I was taking a zoomed in picture of the sunset when I got some of the palm tree. It looks so crisp I just had to share.

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