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    Default Questions about Couples Negril from the UK.

    Hi all

    Can I start off by saying that this is my first post on the forum so if I should happen to make a forum faux-pas at any poimt please excuse me!

    My hubby to be and I will be arriving at Couples Negril in May for our Honeymoon but we have some quetions that we can't find the answers to on the website. Can anyone help please?

    We understand that you can get breakfast room service but wondered if this was at an extra cost? I know the whole ethos of Couples is 'everything is included' but this isn't stated anywhere, whereas everything else is noted as being complimentary?

    I was reading through the FAQ's and happened to notice the $300 holding fee upon check-in. Is this US dollars or Jamaican dollars? Coming from the UK (and having never used dollars before) I have no idea! Also, does this have to be in dollars as I don't really want to have to change $300 worth of that I can't spend while i'm in Jamaica, only to have to take it home with me and change it back to and get even less back because of the exchange rate

    Last quetion (for now)! What's best to wear to dinner in the evenings? I understand shorts, beach wear, cover ups etc aren't permitted, but is it as formal as being shirts and ties for the men and cocktail dresses for the ladies? What is permitted from what you would consider 'normal holiday clothes'?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Legs,

    Welcome to the wonderfulness that is Couples - we know you'll have a great time at CN as we've been many times before.

    Breakfast in the room does not incur an additional charge - all free. We generally do it once a holiday but as you are limited to a continental type breakfast (and I love my scrambled eggs and smoked salmon in the morning) we usually just venture downstairs. It's really not far. We prefer to sit at the breakfast bar and eat, rather than at a table so we can look at the view.

    I'm a bit confused about the holding charge. They normally take an imprint of your credit card (I'm really not sure you can 'pay cash') but I think they just put a pre-authorisation through i.e. they don't actually take any money. Just take your credit card - and if you don't have one, speak to your travel agent or email or call the hotel. If they do want to take anything, it will be in American dollars - nobody uses Jamaica dollars at all! American dollars are worth more to the locals and everything is priced that way.

    For dinner in the evenings, a smart casual dress will be fine - no need for cocktail dresses. I usually take a few dresses, skirts and tops and linen trousers for the slightly cooler evenings. They really just don't want people turning up in bikinis and shorts. Casual shirts and light trousers are good for me, no need for ties, even in the booking only restaurant (which you MUST go to as many times as possible - we love the food).

    Hope this helps and any questions, please ask!

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    Bump! Sorry, but i'm so excited about arriving at CN and i'm a tad impatient by nature

    Wish it was May now... lol.

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    sorry about the double bump, didnt realise every post would be vetted and they seem to have both been posted together :0

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    Relax and have fun is rule one.

    Everything is included even room service and remember absolutely no tipping at all once you are on the resort.
    The hold will be place against whatever credit card you give them.

    Not that formal. I wear a pair of slacks, golf shirt or Hawaiian style shirt and of course closed toed shoes. My wife usually wear a nice sun dress or blouse and skirt with nice shoes. Be sure to take a shaw or wrap of some kind since the air conditioner can get a little chilly in some of the restaurants.

    Some of the restaurants nice shorts are permitted in the evening as well, as a matter of fact the only time I wear my slacks is if I am eating at the Oathite or Lychee.

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    (This is "legs" other half replying not legs herself )
    Thank you for the replies, the credit card imprint will be no problem.
    We were just alittle confused by the wording in the FAQ section , as you can see below we read this as a credit card imprint and a cash holding.

    Thanks again

    "CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUTCheck-in is at 4pm. Checkout is at noon. We do everything possible to accommodate early arrivals and late departures. Couples Resorts requires an imprint of your credit card and a "hold" of $300 for incidentals. Visit Romance Rewards to learn about benefits. Pre-check-in is also available to Romance Rewards members."

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