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    Default TimAir to Ochos...holy cow batman!!!

    We took TimAir to Negril last spring and just loved it! The entire staff was awesome, Curtis was great, and we loved the extra time we got at the resort...especially our last day. So we were looking forward to taking it again when we go to CSS in March. But is crazy expensive going in that direction. $942 round trip. I don't think we're going to be able to swing that and I am disappointed. Yes, I admit I am totally spoiled. I do tend to car sick on those van rides. I'll just have to remember the Dramamine and enjoy seeing a different part of the island.

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    Did they(TimAir) say why it was so expensive vs going to Negril?

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    Blondie...I didn't ask...good question.

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    We've done it twice round trip to Ochos (CTI). The first was March 2011 and it was $629. The last time in August it skyrocket to over $900 like you mentioned. When I asked why they said there is very few people that do it and they never know if they will have more than 1 couple at a time. If you can find another couple or couples it will drastically reduce the cost. We always post on here about sharing a plane but haven't been lucky enough yet. Our next trip is April 2012 and we hope to get lucky and find some other passengers. "spoiled" does not begin to describe it! We never wanna take the bus again!
    Hope this reply helped!

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    1stimers, a question for you. Just how close would the TimAir flight to Ocho Rios get us to CSS?
    I have also taken TimAir numerous times to Negril and was surprised at the $ 500 for one way price.

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    We heard it's so expensive now because it has been bought by private investors.

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