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    Default Best time of our lives, Thank you staff of Couples Sans Souci

    Just wanted to post a big thank you to Couples Sans Souci and all of the staff for making our Dec 27-Jan3 vacation the best trip we've ever had. In particular, Kenesha, the beautiful, intelligent, and friendly photographer who taught us a lot about Jamaica and took some fabulous pictures; as well as Jermaine the Entertainment coordinator who ensured we had a great time whenever he was around; Darron the lifeguard who sings so well he should be famous, and Easton and Saskie, the pool bartenders, who were wonderful to talk to and a lot of fun. All of the staff of Couples Sans Souci were so warm and hard-working, we will definitely be back to visit.
    Thanks again
    Carolyne Mackellar and Darren Gosse

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    hitting the "like" button!

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    So good to hear! We're there in 58 days for the first time! (4 previous trips to CN and CSA)

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    Great post Carolyne & Darren! So great to hear about your wonderful trip. I'm glad to hear that Derron the lifeguard is still there. Last year he took me out on the hobie cat and serenaded me the whole time. He does have a beautiful singing voice and I think he looks like Usher! We will be seeing him again in 24 days!!!

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    Couples San Souci is the best, all staff including Pierre the "Boss" are great, you may like some more than others, but never found any bad ones. We have stayed there 4 times 2007, 2010 and twice in 2011 and going back again in September, it is so friendly whether you are meeting old friends or making new ones.
    Make sure you do the Balloon Bar at the end if the evening for great conversations and laughs with everyone. Will be catching up with Chuck & Gail, and Dave & Lauralinn on our return and probably see others we have met before.Looking forward to 12th September , countdown is approx 245 days.

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    I totally agree about the staff at CSS!!! We just returned from our 4th trip on January 5th! Derron greeted me with a hug and a song! He even remembered that he serenaded me for my 50th birthday in July! He's cut his hair and now he looks even more like Usher!!! Our next trip is scheduled for July and I can't wait to go home!

    One Love,

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    I'm glad you had a great time, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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