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    Default Fly Air Link to Ocho from Mo Bay 25 Feb 2012?

    Looking for another couple to fly from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios airport using AirLink around noon on 25 Feb 2012. 2 couples reduces the cost to 125 per person from 388 per person. If interested, let me know.


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    I wish you were one week later...we'd love to split the fare with someone.

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    We just returned from CSS in Ocho Rios on January 5th. The airport in Ochi is about 30+ minutes beyond the resorts---CSS or CTI. By the time you get a taxi to your resort, you will be arriving about the same time as the folks who took the free shuttle. You may want to save your money for another excursion...I'm not sure if you will save any time by taking the flight. Just thought I might share this.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

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    Thanks....we flew up last year. It was great. We may have shaved about 30 mins off the trip as we were excited to get back to CTI. I could have sworn the airport, Ian Fleming was about 8 mins from CTI. Thanks for the info. Have a super vacay.

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    If you were 24 hours earlier we would join you. We will be well into relax mode by the time you land. Cant wait!!! We'll get the party started! Jeff

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    Hi FiandWe,
    Right day, wrong time! We are flying in on 25 Feb also, but from UK so not scheduled to arrive till 17:10 or so. Bummer. Enjoy your stay!

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    ahh, drag. We hope to be at the swim up bar on Saturday the 25th just after 1pm! Is this your first visit? It will be our 3rd - we can't wait!!

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    Safe travels - you'll have to have a fine beverage in the piano bar once you arrive and get settled - it's a fabulous place.

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