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Thread: 17 Days to go!

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    Default 17 Days to go!

    OMG!!! I am 14 days away from boarding the plane that takes me "home" and 17 days away from "I Do"! OMG. OMG. OMG. I'm not the least bit worried about anything (other than getting there safely but that's always a concern any time I take a trip ). I am however about to bubble over with excitement just thinking about getting there! I so adore CSA and absolutely can not wait to get back there! And this time I will be marrying the love of my life!!

    I just had to let that out - I know you guys understand! ...I'm going back to packing now! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    Congratulations Mandith, you are going to have so much fun!

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    Thanks softail19!!

    I leave on Sunday...36 hours!! And now it's only 5 days until the wedding! Yay!!!!!! So excited!!! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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