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    Default YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Just booked for CSA in July!!!

    My DH just booked us at CSA for July 6-13th of this year. I'm so excited! A beachfront suite. We've only been to CSS before and I cannot wait to see the other side of the island. Let the countdown begin!

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    We feel your excitement too. Just booked CSA for April. Our 5th visit and also a beach front suite. Hope you have a great time.

    Life is good

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    We stayed at CSS March 2010 we went to CSA March 2011 and we are returning March 2012 this tells you how much we loved CSA has we will be returning home in 9 weeks time counting the days as cannot wait to meet friends we have made during the last two holidays. You will had a fab time at CSA fantastic hotel

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