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Thread: June 2012

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    Default June 2012

    We are booking our wedding at CN for 6/12/2012. Can't wait. We were there for the first time in July 2011 and have declared Couples our new home in Jamaica.

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    Default We Will Be There!

    Congrats on the upcoming marriage! My husband and I will be there around the same time June 11-15. We are traveling for our first wedding anniversary!

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    This will be our 2bd trip there. Can't wait. 141 more days. but, who's counting.

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    We are looking at same time for honeymoon ...can't decide on Negril or CSA ;p

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    We haven't been to CSA, but highly recommend CN. Fro what I have seen and heard, each resort has a different vibe about it. We found the one that works for us, CN

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    My husband and I are VERY excited!!! Hope to meet some great people.

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    Ah, June is definately the month of weddings. We'll be there from June 11th until June 17th to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. 1st trip and we are excited

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    105 days, but who's counting?

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    100 days and definitely counting! 6/9-17

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    Just book our trip! June 25-July2

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    Hey Ang&Tim,
    Hope to meet you guys there...We;re in double digits now...

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    Dave & Ginger will be at CN June 29 - July 6th. This will be our 2nd trip.

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    Exciting! It'll be great to meet you!

    96 days
    2308 hours
    138522 minutes
    8311337 seconds

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    Looking forward to it Ang&tim
    95 days
    2283 hours
    137032 minutes
    8221973 seconds

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    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials : ) If we had it to do all over again, we would choose Couples. Hmmm, maybe our 30th Anniversary in 2 years.

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    Thanks Ang&Tim...
    Where are you guys from?

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    Tim and I live in Milford, DE. We recently relocated from Reidsville, NC. NC was great, but an awesome job for Tim took us to DE. You are in NC per your profile? I think we've been through your area on the motorcycle.

    This is your 2nd trip to Couples? It will be our 5th...fell in love on the first trip in 07', repeated in 08', 09', 10'. We skipped 11' for a weeklong scuba trip on a sailboat, but couldn't skip 12'.

    90 days and counting,

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    We will be there from the 8th to the 18th celebrating our 30th anniversary on the 12. Going to do a vow renewal ceremony at 4:00.

    Do you guys have a wedding photographer there? We are wedding photographers here in Houston but obviously can't do our own ceremony.

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    We have hired Stacey Clarke to do our wedding. You can see her work at
    Hope to meet you guys there
    Dwayne & Karen

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    We will be at CN on June 26-July 1st. We have been to CSA and now we are moving down the beach. We can't wait! Only 106 days to go!

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    We have booked our CN trip for 6/9 - 6/16. We are first timers, but all of the great reviews have us excited! This will be our belated honeymoon. We hope to enjoy a Red Stripe with all of you! Wayne & Michelle

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    103 days and counting! We can't wait!!!!

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    Hi everyone. The fiancee and I are booked CN today for June 11-19. I wanted to reach out and say hello to the crowd.
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    My husband John & I will be at CN 6/9 through 6/19 (looking forward to meeting you both). This will be John & my 3rd trip to CN (in 3yrs) let's just say.....It is a fantastical place, the ppl are wonderful and hey it's Jamaica and it's NO PROBLEM. I will keep in touch with you via the message board and hopefully we are on same bus to resort (we're coming from NY arriving at 10am on 6/9 into Montego Bay) woooooo hooooo yippeeee Sincerely, Dorene Mormile-Ruocco (& John too)
    Dorene from Brooklyn (loves CN)

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    We will be flying into MBJ at 11:40 on June 9....Hope we get to meet...

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