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    Default CSS here we come Jan.21, 2012

    This is our first visit to couples and to Jamaica. any have any thoughts as to what we can expect, all the reviews look great but is there anything we need to know? Tipping practices etc.

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    Hey Musicman,

    We will be there Jan 18-28, so we'll be overlapping. You need to look at the Meetup board under CSS and read the threads for Jan 2012. It's a pretty full week, with some fun people; and it has photos of many of the couples. You should report there.


    No tipping required or allowed
    Great food
    Try Casanova once or twice
    Definately eat at Bella Vista on the beach a couple of nights
    Wednesday is Lobster night and all the resturants so if you like lobster-go for it
    If you like to smoke cigars, drop me a reply
    If you like nude sunbathing, or want to try, check out Sunset Beach (SSB)-lot's of freindly, fun outgoing people there

    You'll get a lot more advice from the multi-year folks over on the CSS Meetup page

    Hope to see you there,

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