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    What restaurants at CSA require a reservation? I thought I read that Patios does. They never did before and now I'm thinking that we need to eat at The Palms for 3 nights before getting into another restaurant. Please some one guide me...going 3/24-4/1.... and cannot wait. Thanks

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    Patois sometimes requires reservations during the low season, that is probably what you read. If you are going in March, only Lemongrass and Feathers will require reservations. Not quite sure why you would need to wait 3 nights before eating in another restaurant? As soon as we check-in, we head to the Concierge desk and book one reservation for Feathers and one for Lemongrass. You can book up to 3 days in advance, and we've never had a problem getting into Feathers or Lemongrass with one or two days notice.

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