Hi All

My fiancé and I started to plan a big wedding right after getting engaged in August 2011 and then decided it was not for us and we didnt want the stress of it. We are now planning on getting married at one of the Couples Resorts at the end of October 2012 (just the two of us)! But we need help deciding on which resort.

We want a beautiful beach, great food/drinks and fun activities (we are 27 & 29)... As well as romantic, fun, and intimate all rolled into one! The two resorts that have stuck out to us are CN and CSA. (but we are open to all).....Any advice on helping to narrow it down would be greatly appreciated!

For the wedding, we want to get married on the beach (we want an unforgettable, beautiful beach for pictures) and have a private dinner on the beach afterwards!

Any and all help / advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

thank you so much