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    We are excited for our trip in 3 months and enjoy reading tips from everyone on this site. Really appreciate the help. I talked with a couple last weekend who visited CN a few years back. They mentioned the food was the best ever but the rooms were outdated and the tiles around the pool were in bad shape and in need of repair.

    I'm ok with the room statement because you all taught me that the rooms add to the charm of the resort. My question is about the pool tiles condition. I bet I read 500 reviews and not once have I seen a negative comment about pool tiles. Does anyone know if the tiles were replaced a few years back? If so, that would explain why I haven't seen any comments.


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    I was at CN last March and there were no issues with the pool at all. It was fabulous. If there was a problem previously, it has been corrected.

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    Were there last April and did not see any such thing, in fact, many improvements around the pool area had been made with extra seating, etc., so I'm sure it was taken care of if that was the case.

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    Not even sure what 'tiles' you're referring to, but the pool is very nice.

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    We were there in 12/10 and they were retiling part of the pool area. I had never noticed that it was in rough condition.

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    I'm not sure if or when they were replaced but we spent almost every day at the CN pool last April and I didn't notice anything wrong with the pool tiles. The pool is beautiful and I oh so wish I was in it now!

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    We were just at CN over Christmas for our 5th trip there & the pool tiles were in perfect shape from what I saw & Donald from watersports was there every morning scrubbing all the tiles around the pool sides, cleaning the pool & hot tubs, scrubbing the pool furniture, etc. .... No worries at all with the pool.

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    If a person has time to examine pool tiles while on vaca in Jamaica.....well....I'll just stop here!!!

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    The interior of the pool (including the tile around the upper ~1 ft. or so of the interior perimeter of the pool) was completely re-done in Sept. 2005 when the main pool was closed for a week or more.

    The pool boardwalk (wooden part), a bit removed from the pool itself, was replaced from late 2010 to early 2011.

    The pool deck itself (which is not tile, but a pseudo-concrete material) was resurfaced in Sept. 2011.

    The tiles in the hot tubs (there are two at opposite ends of the main pool) were replaced within the last 2 years.

    I'd check with your friend again and verify they meant the pool tiles and not tiles in the rooms. The room bathroom tiles were all replaced in all rooms from late 2008 to early 2009. Sadly, the floor tiles have not been.

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    Thanks all! I appreciate the info. I wasn't concerned however I wanted the details so I could share with our group. All is well. I experienced Couples TI 28 years ago, so I know the true experience.3 months to go. Great site to share information.

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    We were there in November and there was someone cleaning pool tiles. Every time we've been there, we've seen people in the pool scrubbing the tiles. They're fine.

    The bathroom tiles are ok as well. Just keep in mind that you're in the Caribbean -- a moist, humid climate. The rooms are very clean, including the tiles but can look a bit dingy b/c of the heat and humidity. I'm pretty particular and have never felt anything looked dirty or unclean.

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    We were there august 1-8 and yes ur friend was right there were a few missing tiles along the outside of the hottub meeting the pool. They are very small tiles like for a backsplash like maybe 1/4" x 1/4" it was no biggie and I'm sure it has since been repaired. Couples maintains the resort. The look of the resort is meant to appear the way it looks.. I

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