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    Default The cn/csa report card

    Hello all. First as my user name indicates, I am not a nuddie. That's not in any way suggesting that I'm judging those who are so, but since many make their choices on these 4 resorts based on the au naturel aspect, I thought it might be worthy of mentioning that my comparsisons between CSA and CN have nothing to do , with the au naturel.....Plus, I just like the screen name

    Now, I'm sure many long time visitors to this board will be yawning reading another comparison between the 2, so this thread I suppose might be more geared to first timers, who are looking for some opinion on the 2 resorts. Of course such comparisons are always subjective, so my first advice to couples" first timers",, would be to tune out anyone who is giving you advice in an "all" cn or "all" csa manner. I say this as both are beautiful but very very very different.

    Anyhow here we go.....The following would not only be my personal opinion on the resorts but based on talking to endless unbiased inviduals who have stayed at both. I think I can safely say that if you asked 100 visitors that have been to both resorts, some of the catagories would be a slam dunk win for CSA, others a slam dunk in CN favour, and some a photo finish.

    So keeping with my admitted 100 people ""unofficial poll"" estimate , this is how the results would come in I figure.

    ROOMS......CSA winner in a landslide..(.my call.....90-10)
    VIEWS FROM ROOMS.....CSA winner in a landslide.(my call...90-10)
    WATER COLOUR....CN by a nose.(my call... 60-40)
    BEACH.. CSA by a nose (CSA beach is much longer but also much busier with all the many other properties along that beach , while CN beach is a more peaceful, secluded, laid back feel within its horseshoe bay ) call (60-40)
    OCEAN SWIMMING...CN by a nose(much calmer)...(my call 60-40)
    RESTRAUNTS...To close to call
    FOOD..Too close to call
    POOL..CN in a call(100-0)
    FOOD AND BEV SERVING STAFF...(slightly in CSA favour)....60-40
    NIGHT LIFE..Easy win for CSA...(my call 70-30 CSA)

    SO.....I guess you think my fav is CSA......WRONG!!!
    Now either you think this guy has been smoking too much ganja or you are getting a really unbiased opinion. I say that as if you check out the report card it looks like I'm one of those CSA lifers.

    Well the reason that my fav is CN is because for me, "the feel","the vibe" is the single biggest thing in any resort and for me, CN brings the feel that I love due to its layout . If you are looking for that somewhat sociable atmosphere, within a very well laid out and compact resort during your daylight hours, CN is a slam dunk winner as the resorts layout lends itself to such . Sitting on the beach you are seconds to the pool , swimup bar.. If you need to hit the washrooms, return to your room, grab some lunch, it's right there too. Now because it is so compact, it just creates that special feel that I personally love. Its also a resort that because of its size, you tend to run into familiar faces every day.... No folks it's not the junga, its that CN sociable vibe that I love.

    Now in closing I understand this posting might having you running to CSA where everything is VERY VERY spread out, which of course spreads out the people giving you a more private solitude feel... I guess in the end what I'm trying to say is if you know you are the type that is there to lay on a beach tanning or reading a book and you really have no intrest into getting into conversations with others, then run to CSA as that 7 mile beach really spreads things out ..If however you are the type that enjoys talking to other resort guests on the beach, around cn's awesome pool and fun swimup bar, than run to CN...

    Now Im sure there may be some that will tell you their experience was totally different, however to that my response would be the following....My guess to walk the CSA beach property one way.....7 minutes, CN's 2 minutes.. common sense will tell you that brings people closer together on that beach at CN . Now throw in that CSA pools are very lightly used compared to CN's giant pool that sits right on the beach and again common sense will tell you it is bringing guests closer together, with more conversations, and in my opinion more fun.

    Both great resorts but there are not the same.
    Best I could do folks... Besides it's gotta be better than comparing which resort has the best towel art on the beds as that towel art won't blow up your holiday. Picking a resort with the wrong vibe just might

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    Thanks for the review. We've been to CN but not CSA, so this is useful as we're considering CSA for our next trip.

    BUT you should change your profile name. If by "nuddie" you mean "nudie", you should change it accordingly, otherwise it reads "nutty". Besides, those who go au naturel don't call themselves "nudies", as far as I know... I understand you like the profile name, but you might consider changing it to avoid confusion and unintentionally offending anyone.

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    Very good and fair comparison between CN and CSA. We've been to both resorts and love them for different reasons. Our preference is CSA but I can understand why some people perfer CN. They are both great places. We're going to be doing a split (5 days CN and 10 days CSA) in April so I'll write a review then.

    I'd like to make 1 comment though. I understand your thought about CN being easier to get to know people because of the pool and everything being centeralized therfore easier to make friends. I even share this thought until recently. However, over the last 3 or 4 visits to CSA (we've been 10x's) I've noticed that we are getting to know a lot more people at CSA than we did in our first few years. I think it's because we've been there so many times we can recognise when people are new to the resort or have been there a few times. If they are newbies we usually get talking to them about all the things they should try to do while at CSA and ensure they are enjoying their stay. With people who have come back a number of times like us, we usually share our past experiences. Either way I've noticed the difference in the number of people we are meeting. The good thing about CSA is if you've met someone you'd rather not engage in another conversation, it's easier to avoid them - LOL.

    Glad you found your home.

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    Very good comparison. Should be read by all looking at comparing these 2 great resorts.

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