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    Hi Folks, Our first trip to Couple & Jamaica as well! Can you Couple veterans comment on San Souci? I may be wrong, but it looks like a very small beach and a bit older. We very much appreciate your experience. We want to make a good choice. However..... we are doing the "mystery special" so we will not know which Couple until 7 days prior!!!

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    Couples San Souci is absolutely beautiful! Honestly.....the photos do not do it justice. The resort layout is unique. You have the feel of a tropical rain forest, with several nooks and crannies to explore. It is the most diverse of all Couples Resorts regarding room types. If you don't like to walk stairs, the beach front rooms are for you. If you don't mind stairs, the rooms on the cliffs are fantastic. The beach is well maintained and there are several areas for shade. The food is wonderful. The staff are very friendly and helpful. If San Souci is selected for your mystery special, you are in for a real treat! We have also been to Couples Swept Away. We loved that resort, as well. Honestly, I think you will be pleased with any of the four Couples Resorts! Have fun & please let us know about your upcoming Couples Vacation experience!

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    I can't say enough about Sans Souci. It's my favorite just because it's so spread out and the resort can be full but you feel like only one of a few guests. Room service is great, food in general is wonderful at all the restaurants, and service can't be beat. The beach is smaller, but it has so much more to offer. It's older also, but has been remodeled and is very nice. We like the suites on the cliffs because of the fabulous view, plus the extra balcony space and privacy. There are lots of steps to climb to get up there, but last time we actually lost a few pounds. Who can boast that from being on vacation? It's really hard to describe, but there is such a romantic ambiance, and the spa is the best I've ever encountered. Once you go, you'll know...

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    Yes, the beaches at CSS are rather small, but they are very private , quiet and still quite beautiful! I'm sure you'll love which ever resort you end up at.
    46 days till CSS for us!!! Enjoy!

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    yes the beach is small, but private. The sand is not white but more of a darker colour. It is not old at all.

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    the beach is small but adequate for the size of the resort. Very nice a/n side at CSS

    the rooms are not all marble and gold but they are very nice. We loved CSS

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    If you're looking for miles of beach to walk on, CSS isn't right. Try the Negril beaches instead. However, CSS is the most romantic places I've ever been. In lieu of romantic walks on beaches, there are plenty of paths around the property to investigate. Its truly a spectacular landscape. I'd trade a walk on the beach (which we do during the summer here anyway) for the beauty of Sans Souci any day.

    Plus, we like our beaches quiet, without the constant drone of jet skis and parasailers, etc. CSS and CTI beaches and bays are not accessible to anyone but the guests (and staff of course).

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