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    I am coming to CSS in February for the first time and was wondering if there are certain hours the pools are opened?

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    I think the only time they are closed is when they are being cleaned.

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    Pools are always open except for early in the morning when they are cleaning them.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    You are in Jamaica. The pools are always open. There are very few rules, just "respect". Be sure to go late at night to the hot tub at SSB.

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    We had the same question a few years back. You can swim in the pool any time you want. As long as your are quiet.. My husband and I went swimming at 2 in the morning one time at CN.
    One Love,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myapapya View Post
    .... You can swim in the pool any time you want. ...
    Not quite true in our experience at CN. The pool is closed for cleaning, usually in the early evening, for perhaps an hour or so. They use chemicals at that time and will request (as we have experienced) that you get out of the water. The watersports/CPA guys also use scrubbers at sunrise/very early AM, and though we haven't witnessed it, they probably would request that guests get out of the water.

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    I'll bet you've been to Mexico. I went to a high quality resort south of Cancun and one evening I tried to sit at edge of the pool and dangle my feet in the water at 7 pm. A security guard was immediately there and indicated I couldn't do this (though he spoke no English). I told this story at a repeater dinner at couples and the head of grounds keeping ( who was at our table) just shook his head and laughed. And that is all you need to know about the difference bEtween Jamaica and Mexico...I haven't been back it Mexico since.

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    I don't understand why people would want to go to Mexico when we have Jamaica.

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