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    Default Couples Negril, 49 days and counting

    I am a little giddy as I write this. In 49 days we will be in Negril, kid free! We have been to Ocho Rios but this is our first time at CN. I have a few questions, if people can help us out!

    -How is scuba diving?
    -Can you snorkle off the beach and is it any good?
    -I am wanting at least one fun day out and about, maybe zip-lining or something like that. Any suggestions? Where do we book something like that from?

    Oh Couples Negril, we will see you soon!

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    Default Shortly behind you!

    We will be there in 54 days! Can't wait!

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    I can only try to help with snorkle question. Standing on the beach and looking left, there is some decent snorkling, my wife and another couple saw a 4' octopus clug to the rocky wall last year. The other way or right, if you walk until the beach stops, there is a small "island of rock croppings" there with some stuff around. For the past 4 years, we have saw a 3' ray about 4' off of the beach in the swim area. I always go out in the later afternoon and look for starfish by the outer rope and have decent luck. I guess it makes a difference in were you have snorkled in the past whether this is any "good" go you!! My wife did find 6 one dollar bills last year in the swim area just floating along the bottom probably from someone that paid one of the jet ski guys.

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    We'll be there 2/26-3/6!! 44 days to go!

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