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    Default What do you need to wear in the evening for restaurants in CSS?

    The general description for all Couples resorts indicates having to get fairly dressed up in the evening to eat in most of the restaurants, but the information specific to CSS seems to indicate a much less dressy requirement. Has anyone been to CSS fairly recently and can comment on how casually we can dress and still be acceptable?



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    You need reservations for Palazzina and for Cassanova. Both have indoor and outdoor seating, but the outdoor is so much nicer at both. For Cassanova, men need long pants, closed toe shoes, and a collared shirt. For everywhere else, dress shorts and sandals are fine, with a collared shirt. Most couples dress up for the Friday night Gala, and a bit more casually for the Tuesday night Beach Party. Bella Vista also serves a great dinner menu with tables right on the beach. Hope this helps!

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    I have been to CSA, CN and CSS and out of all three I would say the ladies were more dressed up at CSS. They do have the Gala night, which is a very dressy event in itself. It could have been the time of year, but that was my observations.

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