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    Default Are the bugs really that bad?

    Ever since we reserved a week at CTI, I have been reading these posts religiously and some of them really talk about wishing they had brought bug spray. Is it really needed? Are they really that bad? Thanks for any help! Mike and Sandy - we are coming the week of Feb 25th to March 3rd, 2012

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    I think this may depend on tasty your blood is. We've been to CN 3x and CSA 1x and have never needed bug spray. But we've certainly met others who did....and had the bite marks to prove it.

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    We have been to CTI 32 times. And in all that time we have never had a problem with any bugs. I know that some people have been bitten by some sand fleas, but again, we have never had that problem. Maybe some folks have on some kind of colonge that draws in the pesky buggers. I have heard over the years that the fleas are "terrible" at CN. But we know many couples that have been there as well and never had a problem. I wouldn't worry to much about them. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to bring some repellent just in case they find your legs more delicious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mslawall View Post
    Ever since we reserved a week at CTI, I have been reading these posts religiously and some of them really talk about wishing they had brought bug spray. Is it really needed? Are they really that bad? Thanks for any help! Mike and Sandy - we are coming the week of Feb 25th to March 3rd, 2012
    The "no see ums" at dusk on the beach can be pretty bad but these were the only bugs that bothered us all week
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    Bring bug spray
    I had dozens of sand flea bites after the beach party at CSA, and they HURT for several days.
    Some people are affected, others are not. My DH was fine. Best advice- stay off the beach between 4:00PM and 8:00 AM.
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    That's true about the "no see ums". But there have been many people who were never bothered by them. I really do think that certain people have different aromas. It could be their colonge, or some other attractive, or unattactive aromas that the bugs are attracted to. Bring a spray with "deet". I've heard from other coples, that it works wel.l

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    We were at CSS that very same week last year, and will be there the exact same days as you next month. Maybe we will share a van ride the afternoon of the 25th and the 3rd. I do plan on bringing bug repellant again because the mosquitoes bothered me at dinner when we ate beach side. I used Off Wipes each night, and had no problems after... I would bring something 'just in case' since everyone is affected differently by bugs, and wipes don't take up much room.
    Hope this helps.
    47 days till CSS!!!
    Scott & Kris

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    I haven't stayed at CTI, but we just returned from CSS and the bugs must have really liked me because they left all kinds of bites! I am not a beach person, so it couldn't have been sand fleas, so it must have been mosquitoes or the dreaded "no-seeums." Just as a precaution I would take the bug spray.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Default Can't speak for CTI but...

    We started going to Couples in January 2005 and returned in July 2005. We've been every year since, except for 2010. First few stays were at CN, last few have been at CSS, only bugs that ever bothered any of us, was the July2005 trip. Since then we try to travel in the spring and have not had any issues. Hope this helps you look even more forward to your trip! Can't wait to get home, Dropem and I say everynight after work, can't wait till Jamaica!

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    We have 5 trips to CTI logged and we have never had problems with any bugs. I take wipes just in case. I think the breezes keep some of them away. We have had problems at other resorts. Now if we leave food in our room, we may see ants in a few hours, but that is our fault and easily taken care of by taking dirty dishes down to the Patio.

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    I always end up with a few bites when I first arrive and haven't used any lotion or bug spray, they love me! I have to wear Skin So Soft lotion each evening on every square inch and that seems to work.

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    Default Bugs?

    We've only been at CTI in August and October and have never needed bug spray. We've even left the doors open with the air off at night and have not had a problem. Seen ants though! Maybe it's the time of year?

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    I have been twice to CSA and both times especially the last time for ur 2 week stay in November/December I came home with probably 50 sand flea bites. If I forgot to wear bug spray and went near the beach I got it bad and the second night there was the beach party and I didnt put it on. However my husband barely got any bites. They just LOVE my blood. Nothing I can do but bring lots of OFF! It wont stop me from going back this year for our third visit. I would bring it to be on the sfae side as it is alot more money if you buy it on the resort.

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    I think it just has to do with the person, the time of year, and even the weather. Some people are affected and some arent. Its really hard to say. Some people are more sensitive to it than others I guess.

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    We have been to CSA in Feb. for the last 4 years and the only time I ever had any problem at all with bugs was during our private dinner on the beach. Even then it was not a big deal at all. We never bring bug spray.
    PS Come to Maine in the Spring/Summer if you want to see bugs!!
    Maine Girl

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    I did get bitten while at CTI but only when I walked in the garden area (especially in the morning) but it wasn't that bad. And I did bring a small thing of bug spray, so after I got bitten when I went for a morning walk in the garden again I just sprayed my legs. I also got 'bitten' by something when I did the night snorkeling. Not sure what it was and had no real big side effects of it (was only a small bite like a mosquito but in the water and it only happened when night snorkeling. I went twice during the day with no trouble.

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    oh and I went in October

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    We have been to CTI 12 times and never never had any issues with bugs or being bitten not even at the beach party. In fact we have slept with the doors open some nights. You will love CTI (my heart).

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    Been to CTI four times. NEVER needed bug spray, Never been bit by anything.

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    Do the bugs bite you in the summer while at home? If so, you should pack some bug spray. We have been to Jamaica 9 times, and have been bitten worse on some trips than others. However, that has not kept us away.

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    Default Bugs at Swept Away

    Yes... bring bug spray and make sure you use it. I had about 50 welts all over my body! I had to buy Benedril to get some relief.
    Also, the first night there my bathroom was covered in yellow flys. They were banging into the mirror and the more we killed the more they came. Thank God we called the front desk and they sent someone to spray. By the time we got back to our room after dinner they were gone!!

    I still don't know what the bites were from because my husband and most of our friends we came with didn't have One bite!!

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    Just got back from my first trip to CSA. I got nailed by the bugs. My legs itched so bad I couldn't drive home. I took spray, but didn't use it. But then I could be in a room with 100 people and 1 mosqueto and it's eating on me. LOL Bring spray, worse that happens you don't use it.

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    Noseeums and sand fleas are the same insect and they will live wherever sand, humidity, and warm weather are. Even if you don't go to the beach, sand is carried by people all over the place, which may or may not include sand fleas. It is totally dependent on conditions in every little micro-environment. I typically don't attract blood thirsty bugs, but my wife does bad. We have both been bitten in Jamaica, but it totally depends on where you spend your time. The best bet, especially if you don't know, is to just bring the bug spray and not risk being miserable with bites. On our trip in November, I got a dozen bites that I wouldn't even know I had, if I didn't actually see them. No itch at all. My wife got bitten a few dozen times, and some of the bites were more irritating than others.
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    I have been bitten by sand fleas and am apparently allergic. I searched everywhere for a sand flea repellant and jhave never found one that worked. Off is not a sand flea repellant. I ended up taking Claritin during the day, Benedryl at night and cortizone cream on the affected areas. Last year, my very first evening at the Beach Bar at CSS before dinner, I could feel the itch. By the time we went to bed I had bites all over my legs. We've been to CSS every year for the past 10 years and only in the the last two years I developed this allergy. I don't wear cologne any more, but am still "attacked". Go figure!. The saddest part is that we don't eat at the Jamaican restaurant on the beach any more.

    If anyone knows of an effective repellant sold in Canada, I'd be so grateful to hear from you.

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    I had just brought musckoil...not sure if that is how its spelled or not...but I can say that I never got bit by anything after I had put that on in Jamaica.

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