I wrote a long 5 paragraph request for help in figuring out which Couple's we should pick, but erased it and decided I'm just going to follow all the advice I have read in the forums and go with my initial choice, the one that I've been leaning to since I first found Couples......CSS.

My wife and I will be going April 1-5. I wish it could be longer but with 4 kids at home.....well you know. It's been 15 years of vacations that have focused on the kids. Our turn now. We found Couples on the internet without having heard of them before, but after reading everything thought it would be the best place for us.

How is the weather in early April? I read somewhere that April is kind of the slow part of the season, I'm hoping that doesn't mean we will be the only people around.....although I REALLY enjoy the company of my wife....lol