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    Default AFC Championship game on 1/22 @ CTI

    My husband and I will be traveling from Baltimore to CTI 1/22-1/27. We are hoping the Ravens win tomorrow and will be playing in the AFC championship game on 1/22!! However, we are worried that it won't be aired at CTI!?!?!!! Does anyone have any insight? Thanks and GO RAVENS!!!!
    ~Laura & Justin

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    Well, hopefully hubby won't have to worry about it and my Texans will win!
    Go Texans!!!!
    But, yeah, you should be able to see it...

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    So sorry, but looks like I'll have both of my teams in the Championship! First.. Go Pats!, Second. Go Texans! Third..CSS in 2.5 months for us! Fourth... Hope ya'll enjoy!!

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    Sorry folks, looks like the Ravens are IN IT TO WIN IT!!!! Still need to know if it will be aired at CTI or not....

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