We are so excited to experience the 3rd Couples resort on our list, CSS, reportedly the most romantic, having stayed previously at CN (March 2010 and December 2011) and CSA (March 2011). We're 57 days and counting! Now that we're in a deep freeze, CSS won't come soon enough.

I have a couple of questions, which I hope those who have previously stayed at CSS, can lend their expertise and help!

I'm used to wearing heels whenever we'd go out for dinner at CN and CSA, but I am worried about all of the stairs at CSS and have read that they are stone and uneven. I do not want to roll an ankle maneuvering the stairs and also want to feel comfortable strolling at night after dinner. Do women typically wear and recommend flat sandals at CSS for dinner/evening wear?

And, what is everyone's favorite restaurant recommendation for dinner at CSS? We love great food and relaxing dinners. Our favorite restaurants are Otaheite & Lychee at CN, and Patois Patio & Lemongrass at CSA.

It also seems that each resort has it's must-have dish(es). For example, at CSA, the sweet potato chips at Seagrapes and banana stuffed French toast at Patois are famous. Are there any must-haves at CSS at any of the restaurants that we have to try? (I've read that there's an escargot appetizer at Cassanova-yummy! Is this always on the menu?)

Thanks so much everyone!