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    Default Beach party, Starlight Gala? CN

    Does CN have a Beach Party or Starlight Gala? If so, which nights are they on? The bonfire on Thursday nights, does this include food of any sort? Any information welcome. We're trying to decide between CN and CSA. Thanks!

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    The Beach Party/Bonfire is on Thursday night at CN. It starts at 7p with a HUGE buffet on the beach and the tables hold about 5 or 6 couples, if I remember correctly. There is a live band playing on a stage during the dinner. After that, a steel band comes on stage with other performers, such as a limbo guy. After the dinner ends, they start a bonfire that is lit by a fire-breathing guy. Once the fire dies down, the Beach Party is over. A singalong also starts at the Piano Bar at about 10p, which is super fun too. Thursday is also one of the cat cruise days, so this can turn out to be a long, fun party day/night.

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    Is the beach party the only special dinner night at CN? Do they do anything similar to the Starlight Gala at CSS? Just trying to figure out what to pack! TIA!

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    CN does not have a Star Light Gala.

    As far as packing is concerned, sundresses each evening is perfect. I do wear shorts the night of the beach party.
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