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    Default CTI Question..and CSS (about the beach)

    Hey y'all! I'm wondering about the beach at CTI and CSS. We always go to either CN or CSA because we love love love the beach. We were thinking about exploring some of the other resorts as well but are worried a bit about their beaches. I've been looking at the pictures posted and the beaches look a little different. The sand doesn't look as white. Are they man made? Is the ocean as clear and shallow as it is at CN and CSA? How about the warmth of the ocean? Also, I'm wondering about sunsets. Do you get to see lovely sunsets on that part of the island? We are soon going back to CN but also thinking about changing it up for our next trip. We don't want to be disappointed because we head to the Caribbean for the beautiful beaches. We love Couples though, and would like to see them all but don't want to feel like we are wasting our money if we don't get to swim in the ocean. (We aren't pool people so we don't care if they have a better pool).
    Thanks so much for all your help.

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    I can only tell you about CSS as that is the only resort we've been to. Yes, the sand isn't white like I've heard about Negril beaches, and it's probably a little more coarse than you're used to, but I don't think they are man made. The main beach is small, so if you like long walks on the beach, you would probably be disappointed. When we were there last February, there was a lady doing a power-walk back & forth, back & forth. THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT THIS BEACH ISN'T BEAUTIFUL!!! SunSet Beach (au natural) is a little larger, with the same type of sand. The water temps here are nice for me, and I'm the type that likes the water to be a little warmer than most. It is also clear & beautiful. The sunsets from SSB are beautiful. At the end of February, it sets over the city of Ocho Rios, but I've seen pictures of sunsets from SSB that are out over the water, so that must be at other times of the year. Either way, they are spectacular!
    Hope this helps!!
    39 days till CSS!!!

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    Hi LifeLoveEnergy,

    Don't compare the beaches at CTI and CSS to CN or CSA. The sand is darker, not the soft white stuff that's on the Negril side, and harder. The beaches are private through so you don't have the traffic up and down them like you do on the other side. I believe the CSS beach is man made. Yes, the water is clear but not as warm. There is only one beach on CTI and it does not afford a view of the sunset. CSS has 2 beaches, the main beach and Sunset Beach. You can get a lovely view of the sunset from the latter. If you like the beaches and sunsets of Negril you may be disappointedl by those at the Ochi resorts. However, we are headed back to CTI and CSS in under 90 days because those resorts are about more than the beaches and sunsets. It's about a great group of people and lovely resorts. You may want to consider trying a trip to the other side of the island to see what it's like and enjoy what the other resorts have to offer.

    You're welcome,

    Bart & Bug

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    Yes you are correct CSS has coarse yellowish man made sand !

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    We love Negril (CN and CSA), but wanted to try the other side of the island so we choose CTI. We were very disappointed and transferred over to CSS. We loved CSS, but it still doesn't have the beach. We are talking about where to go this year for our 20th anniversary and the beaches of Negril are calling us back. I do think you will be disappointed if the beach is a big part of your trip. That being said, you might want to go to CN this trip as CSA's beach has eroded a bit.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thank you everyone for the info. We already have a trip planned for CN at the end of April, but was thinking about doing the love-away plan for a different resort before the rates rise. The beach is huge for us so I think we probably would be disappointed with the other resorts. We don't spend all of our time laying fact, hardly at all....but we love to walk the beach and find little cozy spots along the way to stop and swim. The other resorts do look beautiful, but all the Couples resorts seem to be. Negril just seems to keep calling us back!

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    If what you are looking for is cozy spots along your walks to stop and swim. CSS may be something you would like. While the beaches and ocean water is not quite as beautiful as CN, there is a huge area for walking and finding different swimming venues after all there are four different pools. The cozy areas could be hot tubs, tons of hammocks, sitting on the gazebo looking out at the ocean from the cliffs also while walking the beaches at least they are private. Plus there is the muscians strolling the area, flutist in the morning and saxaphone artist at Sunset Beach for the sunset. For me its the abiance, for my husband since he doesn't care for ocean since a jellyfish sting a few years ago, its the different pools, bars and have to admit SSB which is AN during the day, which is all good. Oh yeah, there is room service.

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