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    Default Transportation and Airport Questions

    Hi. We will be heading to CTI in June for our anniversary/my 30th birthday. This will be my first flight out of the country as well as my first trip to Jamaica/Couples. I am unfamiliar with how the process works once you arrive at the airport. I am looking at booking my flight soon and would like to plan my flight so I have very little time at the airport and would like to get to the resort ASAP! So I am wondering what the process is and how long it takes? I know the drive from airport to resort is about 2hrs. But how long does it take at the airport? Does the shuttle have a schedule? If so what is it or how often do they leave?

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    After your flight lands in Montego Bay, you'll proceed to Jamaican Immigration. How long this process takes depends upon how many people are in line. If other planes landed in close proximity to yours, the line could be long. However, we've never had to wait longer than 30 minutes, but we generally arrive on a Friday. Expect the longest lines on the weekends.

    After you are processed in Immigration, you'll go to retrieve your luggage, if you checked any. From there you'll proceed to Jamaican Customs. Most guests have nothing to declare; you'll get in the line for persons entering the country with nothing to declare. Most of the time, the customs agent will glance at your Immigration & Customs form and allow you to move on.

    You'll exit Customs, turn to the left, and quickly arrive at the Couples lounge. You'll check in at the desk and be invited to enjoy a Red Stripe or two at the bar while you await your transport. Transportation doesn't run on a fixed schedule. Couples maintains a list of arriving guests with their flight arrival times so that they can arrange for prompt transport. You'll be on your way in no time.

    If you don't want to take the resort-provided transportation, you can arrange to fly into Negril. We fly on Tim Air ( and enjoy the 12-minute flight into Negril.
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    YUP.I figured that out. A message showed up shortly after I posted it, but it showed it so briefly (like 1-2 seconds) so I wasn't able to read it completely til I had already posted my question too many times! Oh well, now I know I guess!
    So since I haven't booked airfare yet, should I call the resort when I have to let them know when our flight is arriving, or does it matter?

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    You could call, or you could sign up for Romance Rewards and provide your info when doing the RR pre-check-in.

    Click on the RR link at the bottom of the page and sign up for RR; write down your RR number and password because Couples no longer issues cards. While you won't receive any rewards intended for returning guests, your RR membership will allow you to participate in the Trading Places program. Since you're staying at CTI, you would visit CSS, the other Ocho Rios resort.

    A week or two before you leave, complete the pre-check-in process through Romance Rewards. This asks you to provide your right information.

    Enjoy your first Couples vacation!
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    Be sure to bring a couple of pens in your pocketbook. You'll have to fill out forms for Customs on the plane. BE SURE TO FILL OUT BOTH FRONT AND BACK!! This will make your passage through Customs that much quicker.

    Once you get your flight info, call the 1-800 Couples phone number (not the resort itself) and let them know your arrival time/flight number. They'll then know when to expect you in the lounge.

    Be sure to have a couple of dollars per bag for the airport bag handlers that will run your bags from the Couples Lounge to your shuttle bus. We also tip the bus driver $20. These are not Couples employees and should be tipped. You'll find that the baggage handler actually will sometimes block your entrance to the van if you don't tip him....

    On your drive to the resort, the driver will ask you if you want to stop for some jerk/beers/bathroom stop. We typically don't like to stop, as the jerk stand is generally pricey and we're just psyched to get to the resort!! YMMV....

    Finally, you may want to bring a sundress or shorts/tshirt in your carry-on. Because it can be hot waiting in Customs line, I usually like to change on the plane.

    Enjoy your trip!!!!

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    No need to call the resort as the folks at the Couples Lounge at the airport will check you in upon arrival there and set you up for the first available Ocho Rios departure to CTI. If you want to let them know that you're coming it's good to take the "Romance Rewards" link and sign up for them (you'll want these for the perks). Once you've done that you can do your pre-checkin up to 3 days prior to your arrival. Couples makes your whole visit, from arrival to departure, sit back, relax and leave the worries to them. Everything at Couples is "No problem, mon!"

    Enjoy your trip,

    Bart & Bug

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    If you booked your hotel and flight separately then yes, you will need to notify the resort of your flight plans. Simply call the 800-Couples number.
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback! We are so looking forward to this vacation! We went on a cruise to Mexico a few years ago (our first big vacation ever!), and it was kinda a disappointment for many reasons. I have high hopes for this vacation and hope its as good as all you couples fans say it is cause it is so needed! I want to spend as much time soaking up the sun as possible! So all this information is so helpful. Thank You!

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    Question am i allowed to bring my own cigarettes? or should i purchase them in Jamaica? I dont want any issues with customs.

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