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    Default Confused about Couples Sans Souci

    From the description on the website, it looks as if only the Beachfront Suite (and not the Ocean Suite) has a jacuzzi tub in the room. Is that correct?

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    You're right in your assumption. My husband and I stayed in the Ocean Suite last July for our honeymoon. The room does not have a jacuzzi tub so if that is something that is a must for you then I would recommend the beachfront suite. However, the room was great and the view from the ocean front suite was amazing!! We absolutely loved the ocean front suite that we stayed in. Either way you will love it!


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    Yes. Beachfronts have jacuzzi tubs. The 1BR Ocean view Suites we have stayed in either had walk in showers or traditional tub/showers. Both bathrooms were quite spacious and we just enjoyed the jacuzzis on the property (particularly the one by the mineral pool) instead.

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    Thank you, Tara and Kiki!

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