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    Default Excursions at CTI and other questions for 2012!

    Looking to see if there has been much of a change in the prices of off site excursions at CTI when arranged at the Excursions Desk. With horseback riding not being included anymore, we are thinking about other off site options and need to have a ball park for moola to bring along. Secondly, how do I go about buying a souvenir from CSS on our day exchange? I may have actually asked this before but I don't think I ever got a definitive answer... cannot wait to come home! 131 days and counting! Theres a Bob Marley shot calling our names!

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    Found the credit at CSS answer after reviewing my previous posts! Take my cedit card, got it! Still wondering about the excursion costs if anyone knows! I think the 9 Mile trip was like $75 pp the last time we were there... and does anyone know who they suggest for horseback riding now that they aren't using the Plantation anymore? Oh my! I swear I just heard the carry-ons dancing in the closet! Tim says the Bob Marley shot is NOT calling his name, but a double Miami Vice is!! of course June Plums sound darn nice right now to0....

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