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    We have been there numerous times and have never had any issues, one trip my wife was going very heavy on salad and started some minor stomache issues, she now stays away from salad and has not had an issue since. Each person is different, I have never had any issues. Some people also over indulge in drinking and get dehydrated and have stomache issues.

    Remember if you are not a drinker at home do not try and get your fill because its all inclusive or you will be sick.

    During our trips we have been off the resort to some dance clubs and a few local hangouts and have never had any safety issues. Just remember you are the visitor keep your senses of whats around you and do not do what you would not do at home.

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    Jamaica is a poor country but that doesn't make it a bad place. There is also violence that pops up everywhere, once in a while. I think if people use prudence when visiting any foreign country, whether its going out at night alone, or eating / drinking at small local establishments, you run a risk.
    You will feel totally relieved and better once you step out of the van at your resort. Jamaica is our favorite spot... love the vibe, love the people, love the beach. Doesn't get much better. Relax and enjoy.

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    Kingston is not highly recommended for tourists, and going off property after night by yourself is not highly recommended although I have heard of no issues. Poverty, just like any Caribbean or South American country yes, but I have seen a lot w0rse and it is quite an education. You will be safe, the food will be fantastic and those giving you the negative feedback, probably only hear the bad and not the good. CSA is beautiful, and safe. Don't worry mon.

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    We've been to Jamaica 10 times with #11 already booked ..... We have traveled to lots of other places over the years (St. Lucia, St. John, St. Thomas, Maui, Kauai, Cancun, Japan, Alaska, all over the lower 48 in the U.S., etc.) & have lots to compare it to & Jamaica is our favorite trip by far .... especially CN .... CSA was GREAT also. We have heard the same thing from people about Jamaica but I just consider the source .... We have had 2 different friends that went because they knew we love it so much even though, we knew THEM well enough to know that they weren't going to like it at all & tried to tell them that ..... Sure enough - We heard the stuff you're talking about from them ..... They hated every minute of it & found fault with everything but they are the same people that find fault with everything back home also ..... Know what I mean???? Once you get to CSA, you are going to find out that a very large number of the guests are repeaters if you haven't already figured that out from this MB ...... People don't keep returning over & over & spending all that money on a place that's awful . I will say this, I'm sure that the resort you choose plays a large part in your experience in Jamaica & with CSA, I think you will be see what so many of the rest of us has already seen ....... Jamaica (& Couples) is a WONDERFUL place that keeps you thinking about it long after your tan has faded . There is some violence but that's mostly in the Kingston area which is nowhere near CSA ..... there's violence here in the Kansas City, MO area & places in the city that we know to avoid just like there is anywhere. There is poverty, but the people are proud & they are working for a better life just like everyone else is ..... You're not going to find any nicer people .... we've made a lot of friends there over the years. I've rattled on a long time but what I want to say in a nutshell is ..... "No worries" - Jamaica is not this scary awful place that some of the people you talk to says it is. There are a lot of people addicted to this MB because they love it so much .... It's not like the states (if that's where you're from) but that's not a bad thing because when you're there, you know you're someplace else & you can leave reality behind for a few days .... My husband & I think it's paradise & so do a LOT of other people so look forward to your honeymoon & make your own judgement .... I think you'll be a repeater after you've went.

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    We booked our honeymoon for CSS May of 2012. I too have heard a wide range of comments from the awesome to dangerous. I have several close friends who have traveled there many times and they all say wonderful things like in these message boards. I do wonder why some people have an opposite experience though..

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    I have been to Jamaica 15 times; different resorts, different parts of Jamaica. It is a very poor country, and I believe it is dangerous if you venture away from your resort by yourself. If the resort takes a trip outside, that is fine; but to go out by yourself to "view the country, and get a feel for the culture and the people" is not advised. My late husband was a police officer, and he wouldn't venture out. The resorts have everything you'd want to do, right there. They are very safe.........never in 15 times has there ever been a negative issue.
    The food and water are great !!! I've never been sick from, having "over-indulge" has made me sick, but never the water for food.
    I love Jamaica. We (my new husband) are returning Jan. 30.........10 days to go ! This is the second time at CSA. Can't wait !
    As it is anywhere you travel, you have to be smart and attentive to your surroundings........if you do that, you will be fine.
    Enjoy ! Everything's Irie !

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    Oh my god...are you kidding? This is so NOT TRUE...people always have something negative to say about everything. Tell them your going to Mexico and they will say the same thing. Jamaica and spefically Negril Jamaica and Couples Resorts is the most beautiful, amazing place on Earth. Yes there is some poverty in Jamaica, just like any other country, but you don't stay anywhere near there. The resorts are completely beautiful, clean and safe. The people are genuine and awesome and hard working and are proud of their country and their jobs. We got married in Negril, the beach is unbelivable. We are headed back in 39 days and are literally counting down and thinking about booking again for next year! Go, enjoy, have an amazing time...Once you go you will know...


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    My husband and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon in 1998. We stayed a resort that was not good--to say the least. The food was bad, the entertainment was bad, the room was bad....just everything. For our 10 year anniversary we went to CSA because we wanted a "good" Jamaica experience. Our trips were like night and day from each other. Yes, there is poverty in Jamaica. I'm sure there are places that have violence occasionally, just like anywhere.

    I think Jamaica get a bad rap sometimes. It is a beautiful country and we loved everything about CSA. We've already been back and are planning our 3rd trip to a Couples resort for next year. We are all telling you the truths of our experiences with Couples. Some people will always have negative things to say and some people say negative things without really knowing the truth themselves. Just go for it and have a blast.

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    There is poverty in Jamaica, as there is everywhere in the world. The resorts are safe, the locals are friendly, and the food is delicious. If it were that bad, Couples would not have near the percentage of repeaters that they do. Go with an open mind, you will be pleasantly surprised.
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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    I would bet that those people that gave you negative responses have never been. My wife and I will be going down for our 8th trip this year and have had nothing but a great time....hence the 8th trip. I'm sure there are places you shouldnt go, but cant you say that about most cities? Besides, you'll never need to leave the resort, although they do offer shopping trips that you should take advantage of at least once. We have never felt threatened in any way what so ever. We have left the resorts a Jamaican friend and had a great time. Once you go, you know......and you'll be back.

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    My husband and I just returned from our first trip to CSA in December. Trust me I was overly worried as I had heard a lot of negative feedback from people that had been to Jamaica. That being said, most of them had only seen a small portion of Jamaica since they were there for a day after their cruise ship docked.

    Is there a lot of poverty- yes- Jamaica is a poor country but what they lack in economic development they make up for in the spirit of the people. Those we encountered, which was along the beach and at the resort, were very friendly. Even those selling their wares were not pushy, just talk to them and politely tell them no if you are not interested. You will be asked on several occassions to buy weed or other drugs but again, a simple no and you shouldn't have any problems. We never experienced any violence but we didn't leave 7 mile beach other than a trip to the golf couse.

    The food at CSA is amazing and I can't wait to return to eat all the good Jamaica cuisine. I eat a vegetarian diet and am in no way a food junkie but the food was fabulous and no sickness at all.

    The rooms are the only real negative that I could complain about- 3 star for a 5 star resort however after a few days, you start to appreciate their simple arrangements as it is the way of the island. They are however, comfortable and cleaned at least twice a day. You will read a lot about ants and they do exist so don't leave food or open bottles or empty cups in your room and you shouldn't have a problem.

    We LOVED Negril and CSA so much so that we are booked to return December 2012. The beach and water are amazing, drinks are plentiful, people wonderful and food amazing! Everything a vacation should be!!!

    Just another item to ease your concerns, they resort has a very high return rate (I heard as high as 45%) so it can't be bad to have that many return guest. We personally talked to many that have been going there for 3+ years and some as many as 20 times.

    Don't worry about your trip- it will be fine. Remember- No Problem Mon.

    If you have other questions, please ask.

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    If you chose Couples, you made the right decision. The food there is fantastic. There is violence in any city in the United States. If you travel anywhere, you need to use common sense. Yes, there is poverty and you will see if as you travel from the airport to the resort. Hopefully, our travels will help the economy. The people are wonderful, proud, and friendly.

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    THOSE PEOPLE COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG!!!!!...Jamaica is an absolutely beautiful and wonderful place, if you stay at the resort. Outside of the resort is lots of poverty, but theres really no reason you should have to go outside the resort if you stay at Couples. They have everything that you would possibly need there at the resort and pretty much all the activities are included!! We went in March for my sisters wedding at CSA with a group of 20 people and had the time of our lives! The food is AMAZING, and the beaches are to die for. The people that had negative things to say about Jamaica obviously did not stay in a Couples resort or they would change their mind. It is the most beautiful place you could ever go to and the people are soooooooo nice. You will love it. The vendors on the beach do offer you marijuana and stuff, but they really are not scarry or anything, just tell them no and go on, they will not bug you. I know you will have a wonderful time like we did, and do not listen to anyone that says it is not amazing!

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    You absolutely made the right choice in picking Jamaica and Couples. My wife and I have been to the Island 3 times, and have always had an awsome time. I have never seen one act of violence. Never felt threatened. Sure there is poverty. There is poverty and violence in the States as well.
    Jamaica is a small island whose only real commodity is tourism. The people that work the resorts don't get paid enormous amounts of money. And they work very hard, long hours. I have alot of respect for them.
    The Jamaican people that we have come in contact with, both on and off the resort treat the tourists well. We have eaten alot of food while we were there, and have never got sick. The water is just as safe to drink as in Canada or the US. The people on this site are not exaggerating. The Jamaicans are talented wonderful people. And Couples is a top all inclusive chain. The weather is amazing. I don't know what else to say except, relax. You will have a great time. When you arrive you will be greated with "welcome home". I've met people at Couples that have been 10 or 20 times. What does that tell you? Couples Negril in 33 days!!

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    No worries. I don't know where the person who honeymooned there stayed but of the many times we have gone to Jamaica we have never encountered violence or have we ever been sick from the food. Yes there is poverty compared to US, Canada,UK. Some of the people I work with and also some of our friends can't understand why we tend to make a yearly trip to Jamaica. Truth is most of them have never been. We live just outside of Toronto Canada and there is a fair number of Jamaicans in Toronto and sadly in the general area where they live there is a lot of violence. That being said where i work there is a fellow from Montego Bay who is one of the hardest working most respectful employee in our workplace. I guess what I'm trying to say is you have made a great choice. You will love CSA.

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    Jamaica is what it is. It's a beautiful island, and yes it has a lot of poverty. The people are still awesome. I love Jamaica. I'll be going back in may also.

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    Don't listen to those negative comments. You are going to Paradise! CSA is GREAT and you are going to have a blast!

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    we have benn to csa twice. we love it and can't wait to go back.we have never been sick.the ride from the airport. does open your eyes at how poor that island is.but their was no crime right outside resort.the place is great. not listen to the the negitive we have a great time..

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    I am not sure where the person you spoke to went but I can tell you we are headed to Jamaica for our fifth year in a row in a couple of months and we have never seen a more beautiful place or met more wonderful people. Is there poverty, yes. Are there less desirable areas and people yes. I live in a very small community and I can answer yes to both questions here too. When we travel to CSA we always walk 7 Mile beach during the day and a few times have actually walked into Negril. We have never had any issues. Probably wouldn't recommend doing it at night but there are areas in many places in Canada that I wouldn't venture to at night! We love Jamaica, especially the people and I am sure you will to. As for the food, my only concern is that I will probably put on about 10 pounds while we are there!

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    The peoplewho give bad vibes about Jamaica usually have one thing in common.....they haven't been!

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    Missed out saying that you will also get people who have had bad experiences due to poor resort selection...don't worry CSA is brilliant

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    No the hotel is great and you will have a wonderful time

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    When you travel from the airport to the resort you will see a fair amount of poverty in the cities. It is a shame and you will probably want to look into donating to a charity to help afterwards. It does make you realize how blessed you are.

    With that said, we have been to Jamaica many, many times and have never had any problems on or near the resort. Granted we do not travel outside of the resort once we arrive so I cannot really tell you too much about wandering around the countryside. But honestly, I don't feel the need to leave the resort. We go to Couples for the beaches, relaxation and the whole resort lifestyle. If I wanted to experience culture, I would go to Paris or Rome. In Jamaica it's all about relaxing and connecting with your significant other.

    We have always felt safe in Jamaica and that is due in large part to how the Couples Resorts look out for their guests.

    Hope this helps!

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    I think it is a stereotype for those who haven't been and a matter of opinion for those who have been. we were worried the first year we went too. You go through towns and areas where there is a lot of poverty for sure, but you see that in the states too, probably not as bad. Don't let it scare you from one of the most beautiful places in the world though. Jamaica is beautiful.

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    You have made a wonderful choice. I went to CTI for my honeymoon almost 8 years ago and it was perfect. We are getting ready to go to CN at the end of Feb. As with any travel, there are people with negative comments or experiences. If you look to all the bad, then you will not enjoy your time. We stuck to the resort, only going on one excursion. The resort offered us all we needed. If you know what to expect outside of the resort, you will not be surprised. In all places, there is some sort of violence and poverty. If you travel safe and smart, you should have no worries.

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