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Thread: dancing at CTI?

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    Default dancing at CTI?

    We are going to be arriving next week and I can't find anywhere that there is dancing at the resort. I don't really want to dance to the Piano Bar singalong. Is there anywhere? Other than a trip to Margaritaville?

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    Dancing? Love to dance! Just returned from CTI and there is dancing just about every night if not all! You can dance to the live entertainment and DJ on the patio, beach party on Monday evenings, DJ on lower patio and so on! If you ask do they know Debbie - they will tell you that I sure love to dance the night away!

    Have fun and never stop dancing!

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    Every night in the main dining area, they have entertainment. Thats where we did our dancing the last trip. We are heading there this thursday (arriving friday afternoon). We're staying till the 6th of Feb. See you there. What day do you arrive?

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