Had a few ?'s regarding the "hidden gem" across the street
1. Are there any showers guests can use over at the sports complex (without participating in a paid spa treatment) so one could workout on the cardio/weight equipment then shower afterwards so we could then hit the lap pool and/or sports bar?

2. Assuming if there are showers, then there would be a place to change from workout clothes to bathing suit to swim a few laps and then change into something dry to enjoy one of those famous smoothies or shoot a game of pool?

3. Do they still serve Guiness at the sports bar? Just thinking after a few days of frozen fruity drinks, a few Guiness and a game of pool might be in order.

4. Is there ever any issues using the equipment if there are organized classes going on?

5. And any other tips/suggestions on the sports complex? We aren't big fitness freaks but like to have a light workout each morning to start the day.