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    Default CSA Lemongrass menu change?

    We were at CSA the week of 1/7 to 1/14 and ate once at Lemongrass. Unlike the on-line sample menu there are no individual entrees offered. Instead, you pick a protein and a sauce and it is served in a soap-like bowl with plain white rice on the side, not appetizing and nowhere near what is described on the website.

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    We were there in December and they still had pad thai on the menu, in addition to the protein+sauce+rice choice, but we noticed the individual entrees were gone as well. Also, the pad thai wasn't pad thai, as the noodles were skinny angel hair pasta-width noodles. We thought it might have been due to low season?

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    Zaraforty - do they still offer the appetizer special where they give you two servings of all their appetizers?

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    Sorry you didn't like it, I've been going since 2008 and that is the way I remember it always being. I like it that way because you can have the sauce you want with the protein you like.

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    Yeah, I hear you. Having been numerous times to CSA and eaten at Lemongrass, we think it's time to change/upgrade the menu. After our last visit 3 wks. ago, we decided that Patois was the best all-round restaurant there. However, as we well know these things change from year to year, soooo maybe next time Lemongrass will have been improved.

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